Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lulu's Breakfast Lunch DINNER Series 16

Footnote taken from The Trouble With Malaysia, a Brian Yap essay from the book New Malaysian Essays 1

After a concert by the pop singer was announced, the 10,000 strong National Union of Malaysian Muslilm Students declared its objection, saying that Stefani's concert is not compatible with Malaysian values.
According to an AFP report on Aug 3, Mohamed Hilmi Ramli, the Muslim students' union president said Malaysian youth "would be exposed to moral decay if we continue to allow such concerts to be held in Malaysia. We urge the organisers to cancel this concert or face intervention from our kind of groups".
The show did go on after Stefani agreed to compromise, covering her tight-fitting tops in jackets while wearing leotards under her dresses and mini-skirts.
No decay of moral variety was reported, though Stefani's sugary pop songs surely did cause some tooth decay.

Poster, once again, from Mob's Crib
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