Saturday, February 09, 2008

Lulu's Angry - PM, Please Stop Pretending

the Hindraf rally which took place in Nov was not the first time the Hindu community gathered to voice their plight.
On Aug 11th 2007, thousands of Indian Malaysians went to Putrajaya on a wet Sunday to tell Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi that they should not be further marginalised as Malaysians.
The organisers could only relay their concerns through the memorandum to Abdullah's private secretary Ahmad Yaakob as the prime minister was visiting Penang.
Lulu doesnt think they got any response.
Hence the Nov25th march.

What about the lawyer's march in September?
More than 2,000 lawyers and activists shouting “Change, Change, Change” and carrying banners that read Bersihkan Badan Kehakiman (Clean up the Judiciary), “No to Corruption” and Rakyat Hakim Negara (The People are the Judge).
The Bar's office bearers then met with the Prime Minister's political secretary Datuk Wan Farid Wan Salleh to hand him two memoranda. One was for a Royal Commission to investigate the authenticity of the video clip while the other was for the establishment of a permanent judicial appointment commission for appointing judges.
Wan Farid gave an assurance that Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi would look into the memorandum and that he would even arrange a meeting between the Prime Minister and the Bar's office bearers.
Till this day, Lulu doesn't think that the Bar Council has had an audience with the PM,
and as for the RCI, well... Lulu thinks if you were to compile the transcript into a book, it should be categorised as humor/satire.

ahhh... the Bersih march. Lulu was there.Do you remember what the 4 immediate demands are?

  • The use of indelible ink
  • A cleanup of the electoral roll
  • The abolition of domestic postal voting
  • Fair access to the media
  • the government now claims that they have bought the indelible ink.
    well, have you seen how it will be applied? dont you agree with Lulu that it can be disguised/removed?
    do you know that because the whatchacallit has not been passed, the usage of indelible ink is optional? you can say no if you dont want it applied on your nail.
    How can they be so bold as to claim that the electoral roll has been cleaned up when you can find people who would qualify as Guiness Book of Record holders for old age?
    Domestic postal voting - In Penang, 300 postal voters were still listed under the Second Division Army Base at Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah when the base was relocated to Bukit Gedung in early 2007. So the postal voters should not be voting in Tanjong or Padang Kota anymore.
    Bukit Bintang has four to five thousand postal voters. The number keeps increasing every electoral revision.
    Fair access to the media - if you think the papers are bad, wait till you watch the news. Lulu's been following the TV2 Mandarin news at 8pm, and the propoganda disgusts her terribly.

    You think he's going to start listening now?
    Maybe he does listen... to his wife, his son-in-law, the 4th floor datuks and boys, to his Emperor's New Clothes clientele,
    but definetly not to you or me
    the 20,000 Hindraf marchers
    the 2,000 lawyers and activists
    or the 40,000 pleading for Bersih.


    Old Fart said...

    How to listen over the din of the FRU sirens and the water canons and tear gas? This man is making a total idiot of himself. Just let him la.

    Anonymous said...

    Like Kenya's Kibaki, he has to do everything, including selling his own grandmom, to win in the polls. Bill Clinton has been labelled the Desperate Husband, so Dollah should be called the Desperate Mullah