Monday, February 11, 2008

Lulu WOnders What's The Point of Having ACA Check The Backgrounds of BN Potential Candidates

when people like these two goons are "clean" by our Anti Corruption Agency (ACA)'s standards


KY said...

such fine actors we have. lol

team bsg said...

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Old Fart said...

So ACA is now used for the purposes of certifying if a Barisan Nasional Candidate is Kosher!

PAS uses the Council of Ulamaks to determine who can and who cannot be a PAS candidate.

Between the two which is the more credible of certifying bodies?

Point is ACA's charter is not to have to carry out certifying work. That is not in their charter. Many a time we have been told that a report has to be made to initiate any kind of investigation. So who is going to make a report to initiate an ACA investigation?

And if the ACA find a candidate to be not so kosher after all, does it mean they will charge the person for corruption or theft or a crime?