Thursday, February 07, 2008

Lulu Wonders If They'd Confiscate HER Bible Too...

Lulu thinks by now, most of you would have heard about the incident where 32 copies of the bible were seized at customs.

The initial report via Malaysiakini reported that the low-lifes at the customs told Juliana Nicholas that the bibles would be “referred" to the Internal Security Ministry’s Publications and Al-Quran Texts Control Division. She was told that, "Oh, we do this even with the Qurans that come through this way" and thatwhen the bibles could be returned to her “would depend on those people at the division”.

Of course, when their misdeed is reported, the story changes.
The lying little Napoleons cant even get their story straight.

An AP report states that the Customs Department said Monday that the Bibles were seized to check if they were being imported for commercial purposes.
As it is, the Ms Nicholas, the carrier of the bible, also carried with her a letter from the parish priest stating that the texts were for use by the church
[Lulu checked this out] books have zero import duty and zero sales tax.
The incident happened on Jan 28th. Only after it was reported by Malaysiakini on Feb4th and picked up by international news agencies did it merit a response from the Ministry implicated.

Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Fu Ah Kiow said it did not involve his ministry.
“The Customs officer has no authority to do so and on being told of the matter, we asked the Bible to be returned immediately to the person,” he said.
Fu said the incident should not have taken place, adding that he had clarified the matter with the Council of Churches Malaysia (CCM).

Lulu wonders
1. This is not an isolated incident where the Little Mullah Napoleons target Christian materials. We all know about the SIB Sunday School materials which were confiscated. And CFM chairman Bishop Paul Tan Chee Ing said the incident, which happened on Jan. 28, was not an isolated case as they have received many complaints from Christians being told to hand over religious books to custom officers at various checkpoints in the country. So how, Fu Ah Kow?

2. Was that Little Mullah Napoleon dealt with? Was he given a show-cause letter for what FAK terms as "The Customs officer has no authority to do so"? Or is it just another day in mullah-sia for this LMN?


Anonymous said...

Sickening bulldozer mentality of the BN gomen, lets all vote opposition this time to send a clear signal accross the nation that "Malaysia belongs to the people". LETS DO IT!

Fair said...

...[Lulu checked this]out books have zero import duty and zero sales tax....


The buggers should have said that the bibles were suspected to be pirated-version and so they were sending the books to the Domestic Trade Affairs Ministry for any copyright infringement.


...Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Fu Ah Kiow said it did not involve his ministry....The Customs officer has no authority to do so....


Wow....sounds like a Taichi master at Ng Yenx2, why say you ???

Christianophobia said...


Sharing said...

Apologies without Shames when "mistake" or "confusion" repeating again and again!
Should Minister be different from Officers?
Or, there are someone who dare to put it strict and Penal Code be in force?
Then what is Authority to be meant?
Or, laws and regulations to be sustained?
Or, simply, Malaysian Officers and Government Boleh!!
So, Blehland be called instead of Malay-si-A!

Anonymous said...

AFP: your comments on the latest bible seizures.

Ah KOw: Not under the purview of my ministry.

AFP: but the immigration officers have sent the seized bibles to your ministry for decision.

Ah KOw: let me check with PM and revert.

AFP: Badawi, whats your view on the bible seizures?

Badawi: I dont know what you are talking about. we are a tolerant nation and islam hadhari promotes tolerance. Let me check with my deputy Ah Kow whether if there is such an incident. Next question, please.

AFP: But MR Ah Kow said he will refer to you on this.

Badawi: I Dont Know. But, I will check.

Malaysia Boleh

Anonymous said...

Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 may well come true in Mullahland when bibles are confiscated and burnt

Anonymous said...

Hi Lulu, can do us a favour please ?

Call up your MP Char Mee Hoon to ask for her comment on this snatching of bibles nonsense; the last time I heard very loud that she vowed to defend the Malaysian Constitution.
I thought it says freedom of belief is guaranteed to every citizen...

Anonymous said...

In reference to the above story regarding Juliana Nicholas the missionary whose bibles were initially confiscated at the Malaysian airport, a fuller story of her background and her Christian vision and mandate can be found on this webpage, it makes an interesting and encouraging read, her missionary work has included Indonesia, Australia. Philippines and various other parts of the world.

Khun Pana said...

next they the little mullahs will insist to have import permits for bibles .
Lets we all say Sayonara to all the current ministers .