Friday, February 08, 2008

Lulu Wonders How Many Will Be Sayonara-ed Oi

one already said he's going to retire
another has been helped to retire


Khun Pana said...

They all are Qualified to retire, from the top to bottom .
Why they the ministers knows no shame or they all needed a "ChuaSoiLek" scandal to force them out

Grim Reaper said...

They are all qualify for a quick group suicide after the GE.

Jump off the cliff, Jump off Penang Bridge.

Get Run Over by Bus while inspecting busses in PKFZ.

Get run over by defective tractor while checking on newly built tolls.

etc etc.

just hope they have the decency to die soon.

What A Lulu said...

i chose to allow the grim reaper's wishlist so that i can leave this comment in turn.
please, no more death wish.
i know that there were incidents where death could have been prevented if the cabinet walked the talk, and that these death left grieving families.
for this same reason, no matter how evil or irresponsible these ministers are, we dont really want to wish grief upon their wives, children and parents.

i just hope that they will be sayonara-ed either through internal party politics or via the ballot box.

Anonymous said...

BN is feeling the heat and they are trying to get fresh little devils as the rakyat do not know their background. As for those old guards - sent them off but they will still look after the lorongs and longkangs but will not be paid as MPs or Assembly persons. Example like Dr Ayam - even he is not MP, he still love and look after the longkangs and jalan. Bet if Mein Fun and Lee Beng Hwa loses their seats - they will still hang around!!!

Sharing said...

When MHT stepped down, ABBW was set-up.
anonymous 8:31 AM is correct that Malaysian is a society of Red Herrings!
How many are well-packaged politicians with stuffed grass and rotten hearts!
Many of them speak little of law or misleading laws but provoking emotion of the Ryakat as they were mightier than Law!
They are politicians away from Law!!