Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lulu Wants You To Remember This Man And His Wicked Selfish Tantrum

This MCA man, Thong Fah Chong, because he lost to Lim Kit Siang in the 2004 elections, would rather see peoples homes flooded than to allow the RM10mil allocation plan for a flood mitigation project to go through.
Talk about nasty.
If there's a need, then there's a need.
How can he even dare to boast of this?
Does he really enjoy watching people's heart drop as flood water rises in their homes?
He deserves to lose forever, and ever.
Thong Fah Chong. MCA Ipoh Barat. He may have smiled at you when you went back to Ipoh for CNY. Maybe even shoke your hand.
And left you to deal with a flooded house.

And he's not the only one who is nasty like this.
Watch out for the nasties and do not fear them.


Anonymous said...

he can have a piece of shit from me. such running dogs, best to be ignored.

bongkersz said...

do not fear people like him. never vote for any representative that use threats against the voters. man, how arrogant this bastard, to come up with such statement.

myop101 said...

Happy CNY!

well, then the problem is having a government run by the likes of him. We must vanquish the entire elected representatives from BN. That way, other people are given opportunities to form the government!

wits0 said...

This Tong crapped plenty in 2004. This is another rehashed, repeat performance.

BTW having previously lived in Kg Simee for many years, I've never heard of any serious flood problems.

What is talking about here???

Anonymous said...

Sharp 1 Lulu.

This Dong fella is just the regular breed of the Machai kind of dogs.

mob1900 said...

The Thong Sampah is only emulating another famous Deadwood(Fai-chai), The Semi-NoValue.

*The Toupee promises Kg. Siput residents a brand new bridge, but say the residents, there's no river there, so The Toupee made Kg. Siput a river to build the bridge on it, and made Ks. Siput into Sg. Siput.lolx(sorree, syiok sendiri)

*cheap joke alert(whenever there's a Barisan Najis member/s involved)

wits0 said...

Mob, the Tong is therefore also a case of "know nuts and talk nonsense", among other things, if he can't distinguish between flood prone Bercham(quite some distance away from Kg Simee)and Kg Simee. Yet he wanna represent Ipoh Timur! Wannabe, who you gonna kid?

moo_t said...

Well. It will take at least 150 years to get "enough" vernacular school.

Don't bet on he 10millions flood control scheme. It might take 300 years for Ipoh to get it even this MaChAi get elected, since this joker are no "menteri".

KY said...

what a disgrace!

Anonymous said...

How did Lim Kit Siang attempt to solve the problem of people's home flooding?