Sunday, February 03, 2008

Lulu Thinks, It Looks Like An Election Gift, It Sounds Like An Election Gift

but MCA, like Lingam, says it is not an election gift

up to you to believe-lah...


team bsg said...

It has been said that all politicians cannot be trusted.

While MCA to us is the enemy no 1 of the common Chinaman in Malaysia.

something like your Judas in Christian folklore

Anonymous said...

looks like a gift sounds like a gift but if you must ask me 100 times, i will tell you the same thing.
looks like corruption, sounds like corruption....but the idiotic EC chief will tell you only BN can rule so anything goes for BN.

denzook said...

no lar, election gift likely to be dinner, angpau and rm200 ?

MCA.DOGS said...

THIS IS NOT A GIFT, this is overdue and badly needed infrastructure for our children.

These are our money!

We deserve better, we don't deserve half pass six ministers and morons.

Anonymous said...

Not gift, eh? So it must be paid back cent for cent after the elections! 15% interest rate too?