Friday, February 01, 2008

Lulu Shares With You A Pepatah Melayu

Masuk kandang kambing mengembik, masuk kandang kerbau menguak
These kambings and kerbaus never cease to amaze AND disgust Lulu

Malaysiakini 'Election goodies' for Chinese community
China Press 教長親赴馬華交信 華小增6遷13
Sin Chew 希山親臨馬華總部交批准信‧建6新華小13間搬遷


wits0 said...

Read the MSM and on an emetic! Zam's way of saving.

IhateMCADOGS said...

wow, so many pedigrees in one photo.

Anonymous said...

Aiyoyo, are'nt the Chinese are the tax paying citizen of Malaysia ???

Why is that only when "undi" time the government approve to build Chinese National Type schools ?

All the while I thought MCA is part of the government...

Sharing said...

Education need Politics!
If Chinese have not Party, schools will close?
So for Indian or other race?
Humiliation for Malaysian Politicians to take everything Political without even realizing they are the jokers of so!!
Or just to keep them as instrument to manipulate the welfare of ALL Malaysian?

Should education be along Town Planning?
Or, where have those Income Tax or Assessment gone?
Or, where should educational fund be derived?

Any announcement from BN always like blinds figuring what an elephant looks like!
How many youngsters at different school ages at different areas?
They said they have built a lot!
But never know if it is sufficient or not?
What are the total budget and how are they distributed, never in full picture to tell?
How many have been from donation to make all these realized?
Without much donation from the Chinese could Chinese Schools work out as today?
It could be no surprise if Chinese are donating much more than Government had provided!!
MCA stops claiming any Praise? You make many Chinese shameful with Ministers, senators and assemblymen from MCA not performing or manipulating rules and regulations to go!

Why approvals should go to the Party and not the city council?
So many illogicals and so how many manipulations involved?
MCA thought People can be fooled all the time when they are just yahman of UNMO!!

Tell all this hypocrites to get lost in coming GE!!
We need officers to work and not giving shows after shows!

Anonymous said...

The best New Year present for the mca is to deny victory to Ah Ting's big bro, Ah Chuan, and hence squash that knucklehead's aspiration to be health minister

I hate MCADOGS said...

Annonymous at 2.43pm.

I strongly disagree with you. Ah Chuan should be the next health minister and I will be the next guy who shoots da video.

market it, 100,000 copy at RM 50.00 each.

Afterall, history has proven that all Health Minister runs into a brick wall sooner or later.

go jump into the sewer OKT.

jazrul said...

So many illogicals and so how many manipulations involved?

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fauzi said...

i do no jazrul

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