Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lulu Says Just Because He Says "No Parliament dissolution tomorrow" Doesn't Mean It's Not Happening The Day After Tomorrow

It's like a recycled script from a bad movie
Parliament will probably not be dissolved on Wed, but Lulu will not discount him making an announcement on Wed for dissolution on Thur or Fri. Lulu suspects Fri, 15 Feb

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Anonymous said...

Once a liar, always a liar.
Proven without doubts and proven beyond doubts that this person by the name of abdullah ahmad badawi is a compulsive liar. ( notices i stripped off his titles) he dont deserves the "Datuk" whatever title nor his "haji" title.It is just plain disgrace for us Malaysian and for Malaysia to have him as a PM.
Please get rid of him,but on the other hand if we got rid of him, we might gets a murderer and swindler cum racist deputy as his replacement.Really a predicament!
However, we all must get rid of such people one by one.
But, i do really hope that we can get rids of all of them.

***Message fron Khun Pana