Thursday, February 07, 2008

Lulu Really Wonders About The Integrity of The Elections Commission

Lulu's NST tells us today that
all voters are "Malaysians" and not profiled by race.
The latest electoral roll, which was gazetted yesterday, only states the number of voters in a particular constituency and not their race

However, Lulu, in spite of being the lulu that she is, recalls reading something else just the other day. After she korek-korek-korek, she found what she was looking for.
Umno has distributed the list of 10.8 million voters to all its divisions to facilitate tracing of voters and campaigning in the upcoming 12th general election. The list had been divided according to voters' race and submitted to Umno, MCA and MIC respectively.
This was said, not by some anonymous source, but by Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad.

Lulu poses two questions here regarding the integrity of the Elections Commissions.
1. EC has proudly and publicly proclaimed that the latest electoral roll only states the number of voters in a particular constituency and not their race.
Why is it that the BN has a list which contains the voter's race?
If EC did not provide them with the information, who else could have given them that?
Is the Elections Commissions independant or not?

2. If Ms Teresa Kok, Member of Parliament for Seputeh, wanted the roll, she would have to pay the EC something like RM400 for the roll for her constituency.
If Lulu is not mistaken, there will be 221 seats contested in the coming elections.
Did UMNO pay 221 x RM400 = RM88,400 for the list, or do they get it FOC?

What do you think?


Sharing said...

Good Eyes Good Head so either UNMO or EC had played Dirty Tricks!!
1. Both Malacca and UNMO had not disclosed the total number of all eligible voters.
2. How come UNMO knows how many of their members being eligible and get them registered!!
3. How much was done by EC in this respect for whole Malaysia?
4. Why shouldn't the complete roll be on line for all people to Check?
as it is obliged under the ACT!

EC has been BIAS and fail to provide the Complete electoral roll as in the Act!
The Chief be quilted and GE cannot proceed until all are fixed!

Opposition, Clean EC be the First Step or You are competing against tricks!!

Anonymous said...

now you know why they even amend the constituion to make sure he oes his last act of betrayal to his office.
biadap? lucky him that his picture (EC chief) was torn to pieces. If i were there, i will take the torn pieces to wrap soiled diapers which is more befitting for him.

wits0 said...

What integrity is there wrt the EC? For all the publicly made clamour for eligible voters to vote, it can't even effect a simple change of address in lest than 6 months (I was told) via the Post Office online method! What's the use of having the online way then? They should have burnt the torn-up picture as well, for ample emphasis!