Monday, February 18, 2008

Lulu Hopes You Will Volunteer As Polling Agents

from Tony Pua's blog
Polling Agents and Counting Agents
Well, for those who may not be able to assist for a large part of our campaign in Petaling Jaya, but are available nevertheless to assist on voting day, we need you to become polling and counting agents for the day.A short brief on the roles can be found here
We will be conducting a training tomorrow Tuesday, 8:30pm at DAP Damansara Utama (map here).Please come!

The sessions planned so far
Tues 8:30pm English
Thur 8:30pm Mandarin
Sat 8:30pm English
all at the DAP DU
Lulu hopes you will come volunteer for this seemingly insignificant, but actually very important role which helps ensure free and fair elections

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kaki.ayam said...


I am abusing your blog space if you don't mind. The list below (in Chinese) reminds all the voters (who may be pretty lulu) of all the glorious events in our country...

got this from the mail this morning. The pdf is huge, read the ms Word version. Spread out this message! Get it translate to English!


Very comprehensive summary to help to recall what was happened.
Vote wisely!

一党座大 目中无人, 无法无天 由你来判!!!

《选民最不能忘记的国阵政府作为与国家现状事件簿》- 精选106项



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