Sunday, February 03, 2008

LHB Explains To Lulu Why She MUST Vote For Edward Lee If He Runs In Her Area

Did you read the Malaysiakini news that Edward Lee, the Petaling Jaya Section Five Residents Association president and the pro-tem Chairman of All PJ Pro Action Committee (APPAC) joined the DAP?
Malaysiakini has rightly commended Lee for being consistent in bringing up residential problems to local authorities in Petaling Jaya, particularly community issues covering areas like Bukit Gasing, Section 5, Puchong and PJ.
If you read the local papers, you would have seen his name seeking the truth in local issues.

Here are some links from The Sun using the search word "Edward Lee"
Championing residents' rights
'Make accountability legally binding on councils'
Local council warts on full parade
PJ residents to lodge report against MPPJ
Concession conceded by MPPJ
MPPJ gets ultimatum to suspend ad contract
Objections to bid to monopolise outdoor billboards
Trim spending for city day celebrations, say PJ residents
MPPJ 'opens' its books for scrutiny
Focus on basics 'long overdue'
Accounting for the people's money

You would notice that he has been very concerned and actively pursuing issues for the residents of Petaling Jaya.

this is a post Lulu found on Lee Hwa Beng's website. In an interview between him and R. Nadeswaran and Terence Fernandez of The Sun, on Fri 22Jul 2005, LHB was asked,
How effective have you been in speaking up for ratepayers during council meetings?

And this was his answer
For the first three years, I was not an elected state assemblyman. So, I was not so effective because they (the Subang Jaya Municipal Council) didn't bother about my views and opinions. In those days, I stood up on so many issues, but they just ignored me.
But once I got elected, their attitude changed. They knew that as a state assemblyman, I have access to people at the top and that a lot of things I proposed can be implemented.

LHB explains that even though he spoke up on so many issues, the local council just ignored him.
However, "once I got elected, their attitude changed"

Lulu's now proposing, let's get Edward Lee elected!!!
yup! look at how things changed for LHB once he got elected.
As it is, Edward Lee has proven his mettle actively and consistently bringing up local issues. Let's give him the status and that extra omph! so that the jokers at MBPJ will change their attitude and give our local issues due respect.

If Edward Lee stands in your area, vote him!



Michael Sun said...

Edward Lee is a good man. Once in a while we will get a man of integrity who will speak without fear or favour.

Let's vote him in. Also, make sure you convince another 10 more persons to vote him in.

DAP does not have deep pockets to fund an election ala BN. Let's use People Power ala Philippines.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Let the official track records speak for themselves
So that we can have those who deserve to serve
While we keep out others who care only to serve themselves
So that they will only get what they truly deserve

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 030208
Sun. 3rd Feb. 2008.

Sharing said...

Ping-Pong on the Show!
Bad Guys everyone know.
So anyone against Bad Guys will become "Good Guys" on the show??
They ping-Pong a lot to draw the attention of the audiences even without any score!
When the time come, they bow to the audience hand-in-hand to thank for their votes!

Similar things happened to our "Condo",
A few residents speak a lot of problems on the Developer.
They formed a RA and walked into the Council even without Title transferred.
They approved some projects then told residents so.
They gave away Common Properties to Developer as nothing had happened so!
A "condo" with Apartment Title with Management Fee much higher than Condo but no facilities at All!!
The Facilities turned into Hotel of Developer long long time ago!!!!

APPAC voiced a lot!
Anything came out of the voices?
They have CAHC for Individual Meters in order to get Residential Rate is really a Joke!
Individual Meter is on Housing Act.
The latter they referred a lot.
but they "voiced" to have new law for Syabas to do so?
They ignored the water deposits the Residents had paid long time ago
But asking individual meters to be installed without clarifying where million or billion of water deposit gone!
New Individual meters could bring another billion to Syabas without being show?
Why highrise with lower cost have to pay higher rate than houses spread in long rows?
Why only individual meters can have lower rate when lower cost?

Taman Sri Raya had won a case against MPPJ
Anything happened to compensation or penalty clauses?

LHB had turned the Club of a Condo into Hotel when he was councilor in MPPJ.
The facilities continued to be silent with several of his approvals after he became an Assemblyman (With Votes??)
Did he care anything when Town Park under Private Land and MPPJ/MPSJ has never done anything to run the Town Park??
How many of those 58.3 ha Reserved Land for SJ went into Private buildings??
RA had done a great show for LHB to call up 1500 for a nonsense "objection" hearing
and many silent "approvals"!

Anyone understand Society Act, RA are the biggest political joke!
A few could represent hundred and thousand of folks!
Many of these hundred and thousand are not even members to say a word!!

Had MPPJ improved since APPAC came into picture?
Parking ticket did improve a lot with no improve in parking lot!!

Charlotte said...

Hi Lulu,

I'm so glad to read what you've written. We're working pretty hard so that Edward Lee can win wherever he contests.

I doubt that The Star has reported about him joining DAP, so that's one less publicity medium for him.

Would you like to help us in any capacity?

And to anyone who hasn't registered as a polling agent yet, we need you!

And to Sharing,
Would you like to help us since you said MBPJ hasn't improved? :)
Maybe you don't know about the illegal billboards, or about the Broga incinerator.

Water issues, what has Lim Keng Yaik done?

Maybe you know about other issues that need to be addressed. Would you also like to help in any capacity? Because really, Edward is busier than me although he's already retired. We need more youths :)

I didn't come here to do a recruitment drive. I'm just thinking that since there are people unhappy with MBPJ, then maybe they do something about it too :)

What A Lulu said...

hi charlotte,
could you leave us your email so that lulu and her readers who would like to join the edward lee campaign could contact you?

Charlotte said...

Hey Lulu,

We're contactable at:

Thanks! :D

Sharing said...

Hi charlotte,

Thanks your suggestion.

If you read carefully on my notes, I don't buy what APPAC had done especially CAHC with their so called RA.

I read some infos on billboards. Broga incinerator case is also a joke!
The Technique has some similarity as Subang Ria Park where in either way, the Politicians wins, the People lost and the Lawyer(s) got the fame and handful of fee!
A court case without responsibility been caught!!
Malaysia Boleh!!

Charlotte said...

Hello Sharing,

There'll be a talk by Edward Lee soon. You should bring up your questions to him then.

You may email the address I've given and we'll let you know more info as to where and when it'll be held.

Keep asking questions :)

Sharing said...


Thanks for the notes!
I have enough with the Water issues!

Hasn't The Star been supporting Edward all the time?

To be fair, Lim Keng Yaik had at least stopped the Water Federalization!
He had done whatever possible with his jobs!
If he has free hand to do so Malaysia will not be so worse!

If he, as a Minister, was to be challenged, he should be the last to be so!!
Anyone from MCA had done any job like he did or does!

Charlotte said...


Maybe you'd like to hear Charles Santiago share some stories about LKY. Stuff not reported in the MSM :)

It seems like The Star supported Edward more before he joined DAP. Haven't seen any substantial articles from them about him joining DAP. We'll see how the next few weeks/months go.

Looking forward to your email.

Anonymous said...

Lulu, Are you so sure that the MBPJ will listen to Edward Lee as they would to Lee Hwa Beng?
Don't forget that the latter is a member of the MCA while the former will be a DAP member.
I think that instead of helping him the MBPJ may make things more difficult just to fault him.