Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lulu Thought Charles Simonyi's Story Sounded Very Familiar

Charles Simonyi (Hungarian: Simonyi Károly; born September 10, 1948, Budapest) was the head of Microsoft's application software group. He spent two decades at Microsoft, where he oversaw the creation of Word and Excel. His estimated net worth is $1 billion.

OK. That's a wow! And MS Excel is one of Lulu's favourite software. The things one can do on Excel.... Lulu can't imagine doing her work without Excel.

Back to the point.

In the Dec10th article of Newsweek, Charles Simonyi shares with the readers his experience going to space.
He visited Baikonur, the Russian spaceport
He talked about his experience on the "vestibular chair" [or what some may call a "spinning chair"] where he had to sit with eyes closed in a rotating seat and bob my head in a steady rhythm.
He moved into a dorm room on the Russian military base where cosmonauts are trained.
He had tutors in many interesting subjects, including the wonderful Russian language.
He ate at the officers' mess.
He made lots of new friends.
The launch preparation itself was full of traditions: for example, before he climbed the stairs to the elevator, the chief designer himself kicked them firmly in the behind to get them going.
In just eight minutes they were in orbit, weightless

All of it sounded so familiar to Lulu...
hey! It's like as if it was taken straight from the angkasawan blog!
All except the bit about calling himself a space tourist and paying USD$25 million for the trip.

Do you see what Lulu sees - the similarity in job title and spaceflights?

The ruling party now wants to send the "spare astronaut" to space too.
With a they-not-going-to-tell-us-but-we-all-know US25 million pricetag? Oh puhleezzzzzz.....
Taxpayers like you and Lulu and Malaysians like Isrin Basitul and the children of Rungus should shudder at the thought of such wastage when there are greater need for this money elsewhere.

Lets get rid of some of these wasteful parliamentarians who have their priorities all wrong. Its time to vote in a stronger opposition to allow more alternative voices to be heard in Parliament.

AND if our lousy ruling party MPs still insist on sending #2 to space, Lulu suggests they try SpaceShipTwo. It's going on trial later this year, and tickets are going for USD$200,000 a head "only". A lot, a lot cheaper that USD25million, and definetly cheaper that having to buy billions of dollars of outdated arms to qualify for a free trip.

You can read the Newsweek article From CEO to Space Tourist here
and SpaceShipTwo, also from Newsweek here

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Anonymous said...

Won't mind if Mullah Big Ears is sent up on SpaceShipTwo. Will it cost half-price i.e. USD$100,000 if we don't bring him back?