Sunday, February 03, 2008

If This Chap Was On Lulu's Payroll, Lulu Would Have Counselled Him, Given Him Three Warning Letters And Fired Him Already

what would you do if you were the owner of a company, you know there's corruption in the company and the selling point of the candidate you hired is that he will rid the company of the corruption, then after 4 years, during his appraisal cumm contract discussion, he tells you,
It is a plan that spans across three development periods until 2020.

This is what our PM said in his "exclusive" interview aka MSM brainwash in today's Star.
Wong: Since being elected in 2004, you have declared war on corruption and promised to eradicate it. However, there is word that despite all the strong talk, the administration’s record in the fight against corruption has been patchy. The people are expecting for more to be done.
Abdullah: What I announced when I took over the leadership was not based on a five-year manifesto. It is a plan that spans across three development periods until 2020. Efforts to reduce corruption is a long-term battle and we are all well aware that it will not disappear in the wink of an eye. There have, however, been various significant improvements. For example, the awareness to eradicate corruption is higher than in previous years and what's more, we now see a trend of people coming forward to report such cases to us rather than just keeping quiet about it. There are even people who are willing to report attempts to corrupt officials.

As it is, his constant falling asleep in public meetings is already an embarasment.

His constant, "What's going on? Why is it so high?" shows how ignorant he is of what he has been entrusted with.

It's time for him and his pack to go. Undurlah!
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Anonymous said...

4 years ago, i would have given him the thumbs up. weed out corruption? goodness gracious, lets see what you have done:-
1. RM600 million of hard earned taxpayers money to your 191 divisional leaders
2. RM4.7 billion bail-out (largest in the history of malaysia) for the PKFA which is filled with corrupt acts.
3. sanction of fire sale of avenue assets to ecm in which your SIL has a stake from a sweetheart deal.

you want a longer list, PM? so, how do you expect us to give you more years when you openly sanction corrupt acts?

denzook said...

the worse is he even doesn't know what law the gov has drafted! and this certainly will happen to ppl graduate with malay studies, cina studies, indi studies and islamic studies.

team bsg said...

more of this type of stinging frontal attacking calls against an evil regime(authentic one) and we shall soon induct you into the hall of fame(genuine one) as a towering ( real one ) pillars of Malaysia(the correct one, not the fakedly Islamised nor the unholy 'its all about the money$$$ babe ' MSM version 4 < floor> ).

Its time boys and girls

Anonymous said...

....and the 'MaChAis'
depicted "Sleepy Head" aka 'I Don't Know " as "Justice Bao" in the last GE... remember ???

Anonymous said...

Mr PM just think of the benefits of retiring now.
You can rear kambing, kerbau whatever animals you fancy; play with your grand child whenever you want; get intimate with your wife whenever you desire; no need to attend all the boring meetings; no need to lie to the rakayt; won't be cursed by the people and most importantly:-


Anonymous said...

Mates, this bloke wants to rule for another few more terms according to his schedule.He forget that kereta lembu is not allow in PLUS highway and internet speed is getting faster.