Friday, February 29, 2008

erhm... Lulu Takes Offense To This Accusation Too... and It's Not Even Hurled At Her

uncle Kit took offense to nasty KT's statement that
DAP leaders that they are greedy and selfish in contesting in two seats, parliamentary and state assembly, as wanting to collect two allowances of Member of Parliament and State Assemblyman.

Can't blame him.
For one, the DAP chaps are not into politics for the money

And secondly,
looks who's talking?
who as an
Minister gets RM14,907.20
and an MP gets RM6,508.59
and as acting Health Minister, another salary.
and this is just salary. a minimum of RM 21K in the pocket a month.
havent even added his allowances in his official capacity

if anyone wants to go into politics for the $$$, they join the BN.
Afterall, do you think that a person with this kind of credentials
Run an advertising company
Private Secretary to Former Deputy Minister of Culture, Arts & Tourism YB Dato' Teng Gaik Kwan Secretary-General DAP
Advertising and Promotion Manager
could afford a nice house in a gated community like, say, Aman Suria, if he/she were in DAP?


team bsg said...

hey hey hey those are the quintessential suckers and ball carriers lap dogs talking c all day all night , you must steadfastly concentrate on eating well ok even if they devilishly spoil your appetite day in day out !

myop101 said...

yeah lulu...don't get worked up...

looking at how these people go round talking about rallies being bad for M'sia economy but later turn around and say economy growth from Oct-Dec 07 is the best ever since Apr-June 2004 (around the last election time i might add), you must give them 100% discount in the truth factor...:)

denzook said...

"Run an advertising company"

why not ? she owns a company, and why not afford to live in aman suria ? is aman suria house expensive ? even her rival ex-ceo of a "failing" company is staying at damansara.....

Hitam Had said...

You forgot the attendance allowances.
Also, our children will have to pay for his pension.

Anonymous said...

OKT seems to have forgotten that Badawi was the PM, the Home Minister & also Finance Minister.

Now, OKT are you saying that your good friend, the PM was greedy?

Or you are going to tell me he only collected one pay?

Fact is I don't care how many pays one collects, I only care if that person sucks at his job. Now your friend, the PM is lousy at each of his job.

Sharing said...


What you said only valid in a society with Heart & Soul
with Fairness in mind with Shame to guide if having Efforts or Performance along Obligations and Duties defined.

The key point is "ARE THEY SATISFIED with all the Fringe Benefits even they have by no mean fulfilling their jobs?
But, causing damages by billions on Abandoned Projects, PKFTZ scandals and more?
No only causing Shame on ALL hearty Chinese but damages to ALL Malaysian??

Don' forget they are backed by a bunch of People, called Party, to allow MCA devils to do so. Those people have voted these Devils in to make the manipulation going on and on!

Those voting them in, is time to confess and CHANGE!!

Anonymous said...

This is definitely off topic. I went to DAP PJU's rally on the 1st march. It was a very lively affair. Just a few points : Dr Mahendran's joke is WAAAAy too long his whole speech was pretty good until the last bit. It made his mssg fall felt. DR wong? (before Mahendran) raised issues about bumi etc. Govt gave a lot of training to bumis recently so it could be rebutted immediately.

Dr Cheah shd mention more about MPPJ and what they did. I don't know who his opp. is but

I don't know if Tony Pua raised economic issues. Since he is an "economics genius" he could include some relevant data about the economy (good point to differentiate him from Chew- longkang MP!) : eg, how and why BN
cannot keep promise to maintain fuel subsidies ending it by reminding folks about the PKFZ issue?? Also can add that with high fuel prices, electricity etc all will increase. No matter how forefront PJ folks are in democracy, they still need to makan. keep the mssg simple though but throw out some simple numbers.

PS. Why don't DAP put out a challenge to BN: Ask BN leaders to sign a pledge to say that they won't raise oil prices after elections for 3 years? Since we have been complaining that badawi havent kept most of his promises... U see if they can use it in the campaign or not.

PPS. Can actually ask ppl to vote opp to make enough noise to wake Pak Lah up! (followed by a photo of him sleeping... It is too well known to be neglected!

Sorry for a long post. Hope it helps the opp cause.