Friday, February 29, 2008

erhh.... Lulu Thinks This Is Kinda Embarassing

just as one brother is telling people that his party does not make empty promises, the other brother explains in a Malaysiakini promises why he did not fulfil his promises.

reasons, excuses, whatever...
kinda embarassing isnt it, just as one brother announces to the whole of Malaysia that his promises will be kept, the other brother mentions the "fine print"?


multidimid said...

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myop101 said...

Dear lulu,

They are only picking up the lingo of their political masters, U Must Not Object. Whatever they say is correct, correct, correct. The rest of us supposed to take it lying down and thanks them profusely when crumbles get blown off their tables....

Voon Tek said...

this is not the first incident of "shoot ma own foot" by MCA in his election, just days ago, OKT defended that MCA is not the bodyguards of UMNO, and just yesterday, we have 2 MCA incumbent flanking 2 UMNO politician, talk about shoot tgheir boss's feet.

photo can be provided if lulu wants it.


wits0 said...

OKT and MCA serve like the Kanamits in the Twilight Zones classic, "To Serve Man":