Saturday, February 16, 2008

Did You Wonder Why She Solo-ed Her Chinese New Year Greetings?

did you see this around PJ?
Lulu saw it, and was wondering where her sidekicks were.

On Valentine's Day Lulu found out where... or rathey, whylooks like her sidekicks are no longer on her side,
and have been kicked out.

Lulu prefers this team anyday...


wits0 said...

Lulu: "Lulu prefers this team anyday..."

So do I, ;)

Anonymous said...

A few years ago at the AGM of my residential association both CMF and LCK were invited as special guests. As usual both bragged about how much good they have done for my residential area and seized the opportunity to "advertise" themselves. LCK talked about the Local Agenda 21. At the end of the speech I walked up to him and expressed my concerns about the mushrooming of cybercafes in my area. And how that will be bad for school children. There are two primary schools in my area. Being an MPPJ councillor he promised to look into the matter and give it priority. Nothing came out of it even after two years later. All I can say of the MCA's choice of dropping him and the others - good riddance! Don't overstay your welcome!

Sharing said...

Tree is going to tumble?
The Monkeys go?
Wondering where will they go?
Monkeys need a tree to go!
Good Tree takes Good Monkeys!
or Naughty Monkeys tumble the tree!
Or Tree Tumbles squashing the Monkeys!


denzook said...

saw CMF, she looked oledi recovered ...... and no, she din gives speech on political campaign in CNY gathering.....

Anonymous said...

Why the Rakyat cannot see how ineffective is BN. They have MCA cronies sit in the City council/majlis to look after the roads and drains. Then they also have the SA and MPs. Imagine, Malaysian bosses (rakyat) appointed 3 layers of men/women to look after the jalan2. Maybe we like to find jalan2. But look, after 50 years what are the conditions of the jalan2? We claim to have best roads in Asia when I was young. But Thai, Viets are now having better roads and drains than Malaysia.