Thursday, February 07, 2008

*blush* Lulu Got An Invite To An Erotic Party

well... it did say "Party - Erotic Party"

New Malaysian Essays 1 aims to be the first of an annual series devoted to longer, original pieces of non-fiction writing.
The books takes us from Brian Yap's election-era critique to Amir Muhammad's alternative lexicon by way of Burhan Baki's elegant deconstructions, Aminuddin Mahmud's seminar on branding and Saharil Hasnin Sanin's knockabout ruminations on language before rounding off with Sonia Randhawa's stirring call for national (and therefore personal) self-realisation.
[The book is not out yet, so obviously Lulu has not read it yet, so even more obviously, Lulu would not have the insight nor the brilliance to write the summary given above. It was cut and paste from Amir Muhammad's blog]

This month's "Off The Edge", Lulu's favourite magazine, included an excerpt of Brian Yap's essay "The Trouble With Malaysia".
It listed a number issues which Lulu, having the memory of a lulu, had almost forgotten.
So, Lulu thought the list would make a good read and would list them one by one in a Lulu Breakfast Lunch Dinner Series, three times a day.

The book should be available to the public after the erotic party, and thanks(?) to some datuk publisher, it would cost us RM30 instead of RM36. Do pick up a copy!

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