Saturday, January 05, 2008

... Then It Suddenly Struck Lulu!

"The shortage has also occurred because of the rising population."
Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Shafie Apdal quoted by theStar when commenting on the cooking oil shortage and the 5kg per buyer limit for cooking oil solution.

the second part of his statement reads
"There are also more businesses such as food production factories and restaurants being opened that use a lot of cooking oil."

Lulu thought about that statement. At 5:00am. bundled with a nose block, Lulu does not think very well.

...then it suddenly struck Lulu!
Shafie Apdal must have been thinking of Big Apple and J Co!

Afterall, what difference is there between 3 months ago and now that would have cause the shortage of cooking oil? We know it's not the population explosion.

So, it must be these oil guzzlers
and their ever patient but totally mad fan club members who are willing to queue for more than an hour

Could it be them, creating an sudden explosive demand in cooking oil?

Nah...., Lulu still suspects that the problem lies somewhere betweenand cooking oil being a control price item.


Anonymous said...

Confucius says: Once the price of the commodity in short supply is increased, there will be no more shortage

wits0 said...

Long ago, more than 3 decades back, it was already so common to export the best sea food like fishes from Trengganu, e.g., to S'pore leaving the poorest sort of fishes for the locals. Ditto from elsewhere until ikan bilis became an expensive commodity. That's the case with "shortages" of cooking oil. Vely clever, this sorta policy!

Michael Sun said...

Hi Lulu

We must not forget that we have 3 million documented and undocumented foreign workers in Malaysia.

So they need to cook and eat roti and hence a shortage of flour too. That explains for the increase.

Oh yes! with EPL soccer football on now, more people are at the mamak stores too.

Anonymous said...

Lulu, if this country continues on as it is now, we'll soon be like some of those countries in Africa where there are rows of empty shelves in the supermarkets instead of goods awaiting purchase.
The alternative?
Dump the BN!
It's not that easy?
But the will to make a start must be there and the best slogan is "Just do it!".

kaki.ayam said...

LuLu, your blog is very informative. Now I know the reason.


Anonymous said...

you must give immense credit for the follies of this government. why, it issue licences by the busload to potential investors to venture into bio-fuel. as a digression, our ministers are very fond in issuing licences by the busload, isnt it? if your memory fails you, just a jolt and you probably remember the taxi licences.
ahem, the feedstock for bio-diesel is palm oil, dear. which means more demand and less palm oil for food which means higher crude prices and more profit incentive for smugglers. look, whos laughing all the way to the bank. smugglers and oil palm planters. and consumers are left high and dry but the irony is why would it happen in all places, the biggest producer of palm oil in the world?
lulu, defies logic isnt it? straightening rivers wont help, would it?

myop101 said...

personally, i think the prices are also influenced by biofuel hype.