Tuesday, January 22, 2008

OOOOOO Chew Mei Fun.... Lulu Says Its Time For You To Go

Please everyone, please show her the door.

How dare she say
"if there is no sufficient Chinese representation in the Barisan Nasional, it is not a good thing, the Chinese community cannot afford another May 13 incident."?

She's scared of losing her PJ Utara seat, but please... to utter this baseless fear-mongering message,
"if there is no sufficient Chinese representation in the Barisan Nasional, it is not a good thing, the Chinese community cannot afford another May 13 incident."

She deserves to go.
the end.
get out of here.

You know what other stupid thing she said?
she is worried that voters may be misledby the Opposition’s “checking Chinese with Chinese” statement
Lulu goes for a lot of ceramahs. Lulu's never heard DAP [CMF's obviously implying DAP when she says "the Opposition"] says anything about "checking Chinese with Chinese". Check and balance yes, but "checking Chinese with Chinese"? oh please.... dont lie!

Please, if you vote in PJ Utara, please show her the door.
How low can she go?
Now Lulu's really really wondering what other low down dirty tactics she will employ to keep her seat.

Wong Chin Huat who is a part of the bersih secretariat has a partial translation of the newscutting here

Wong Chin Huat has an update on the situation.
China Press says they misinterpreted her words, that Chew did not say,”If there is insufficient Chinese representation in the Barisan Nasional, it is not a good thing, the Chinese community cannot afford another May 13 incident.”
So, what did Chew say?
“If we do not have enough representation in the Barisan Nasional, then to the Chinese community, the lesson of 1969 is sufficient. I think we cannot afford another such scenario.”

err... hello??? lesson of 1969???
still waiting for an apology


wits0 said...

CMF is frying her regular MCA barf again as MCA approaches the polls. They always do. Lapdogs ass-sellers and apologists!

Fair said...

Fellow PJU voters wake up, is time to kick out the (B)arang
(N)aik coalition candidate .

moo_t said...

Maybe the accident bang all her brain juice out. ;)

Anonymous said...

Talking only Race should make MCA broke when any Party should work for ALL and not race or religion alone!
With the number of "Chinese" from MCA in BN had done what?
Abandon Projects a lot even under OKT, Head of MCA!
2,326 housing projects abandoned during the course of the Eighth Malaysia Plan
In 2004 only, 227projects abandoned involving 75,356 units and 7billion worth
A Town Park since 1986 or early became a Private Title since 1988
with MCA Councilor Lee Hwa Beng involved in MPPJ/MPSJ with his flip-flop
and many of the public area gone to buildings
The Wrongly issued tittle not to be canceled but to be Gazetted via another MCA MP Loh Seng Kok
where gazetting means government has to buy back!!
For Chew Mei Fun, following is one for PJ to comment
PKFTZ by Chan Kong Choy, any explanation so far?

Any more to shame Chinese in politics?
If they have the wisdom of a Chinese politicians, Chinese politicians worked for Society and People and not Race at ALL!

Michael Sun said...

Omigod! This must be the sign of the times. Just like a drowning person grasping the last straw.

I thot the racist UMNOputra will use "May 13" to frighten the Chinese - not someone like CMF. Too late now. For the Chinese there is not much to lose. Check around, most Chinese families now have 2 children and by hook or by crook they are educated up to university level. Those educated overseas stay on and work there.

The ones suffering will be the UMNOputras. Who owns the mansions and BMWs X5 these days? Nowadays, who have big families? They will be the first ones running to Perth- favourite destination of the First Family.

So CMF, check-mate.

Anonymous said...

u are a disgrace,
u NEVER learned don't u!
u know y u get the accident?
we called it the consequences of BAD karma
u prolly has cheated and cursed WAY TOO MUCH

now take off your fancy clothes and shave bold your head
put on the pure grey gown and knee down to god
start praying bless for the nation instead
thats the only thing you capable of contribute
for anything else leave it to tom and dick

Old Fart said...

DAP,PAS and Keadilan need to debunk the over used threat of another May 13. Can we get them to come together as bitterly opposed in politics and yet with no notion or inclination of such hate that might translate to another May 13.

I witnessed that at the Bersih Rally! One would have to ask where is the threat of a May 13.

But the BN and more specifically UMNO has always needed that boiling pot to keep boiling. Now MCA seems to need it too, and soon I suppose MIC would come out threatening May 13 too.

I don't know if it should be Bersih initiated, but certainly there is a desperate need to show the voters that the kind of threat the BN is promising does not really exist.

So what say you Lulu!....Can this be some kind of message that can be passed on?

Anonymous said...

Oh I thought you are talking about the porno politician from Taiwan....

charlotte said...

Tony's got my vote.
DAP for PJU!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear Datin Paduka Chew,

Do you out of your mind. Do you know what is the aftermath effect of such riot had brought to the nation. Oh boy oh boy. if you had studied history, you know that Malaysia had not been moving for 10 years after the incident happened. FDI had been moving away and only move back when they feel the condition was condusive enough to do business. During that period, Malaysia was solely survived on our natural resources and argriculture products. Look at the ethnic cleansing happened in Indon. Their economy has not been recovered since then. If similar thing happened in malaysia again, I can tell you, malaysia economy will not be recovered at least 30 years since there are more option now like Vietnam, China, Thailand etc has been intensively attacting FDI nowaday. Grind your word before speaking out.

gongnooi said...

This fried bee fun is a total disgrace to the Chinese community in her constituent. This fried bee fun is a traitor to all the Chinese and humankind in the world by shutting down the SRJK(C) Damansara.

If this fried bee fun is living in China, this fried bee fun would be sent to the firing squad for her ignominious act.

Now she wants to be reelected again?

sosscd said...

All these MCA are plunderers of land. This Paduka Chew Chew will acquire lands and her cronies like Lim Ah Lek, Lee Kim Sai of Metro Kajang of Freeland Development would develop the lands and build expensive properties making $$$$ billions of profits and sharing all illegal money among themselves.

Why all these greedy MCA (Malaysia Corrupt Chinese) would want to stay in power by hook or by crook for life?

To plunder wealth big time blatantly.

All these corrupt MCAputras who are shamelessly selling the Chinese Rights and interests should be sent to jail eternally.

Hua jiao - bai xiao's video (part 2)