Monday, January 28, 2008

Lulu's Puzzled

the economy has been rosy in 2007, and yet the dividend declared was only 5.8%

Lulu does not know what is the % of monies invested in
  • Malaysian Government Securities
  • Loans, debentures and bonds
  • Shares
  • Money market
  • Property

  • is, but Lulu would not think that the trend has changed so drastically since the 90s.
    Lulu looked up KLSE Composite Index history and compared it to our EPF returns.

    5.8% in a bull-ish KLSE year seems kinda low doesn't it?


    kaki.ayam said...

    to divert the issue a little bit. i have always wanted to know something. How issit possible that the investment arm for Amanah Saham Bumi get such good returns year after year, while our EPF got so little?

    If all provide the same return, i have no complain. But why is the ASB consistently outperform the EPF by such a margin year after year?

    Was it because the ASB invest more in Magnum and Genting?

    Can anyone enlighten me a little bit?

    Pearls said...

    I also want to know why are we getting such peanut dividends for our EPF? If I am not wrong, the workers in EPF office gets quite a bit for bonuses and increment!! Nothing against that but hey!! how can they use our money to make mega bucks for themselves shamelessly and give us pathetic dog crumbs!??

    Another thing, with all the "economy is robust, duno how many percent increase in our GDP, our economy can weather out the US recession (biggest joke of the year) and god knows what"and all we are getting is 5.8%!!!!!???

    kaki.ayam said...

    well....5.8% is good enough, if you ask me, pearl. My issue here is how possibly ASB performs so much better?

    From what I heard from my relatives living down south Singapore, their dividend is much lesser than 5%.