Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lulu's Not Stabbing Anyone Cos She Aint Holding A Sword

Khir Toyo has called on Chinese and Indian voters not to backstab UMNO.
That's kinda unfair isnt it, when his own UMNO youth is synonymous with this
And he tells the Chinese voters,
“To our Chinese friends, too, we want to clearly tell not to main wayang with us,”
It sounds like a threat. An outright threat.

You still wanna vote UMNO or the MCA=UMNO and the MIC=UMNO in the coming elections?

Don’t be swayed, Khir urges voters The Star


Damocles said...

Lulu, the best time to "main" these jokers is now when the election is near!
You can stab then full of holes (like a sieve) and there is nothing they can do about it! They want your vote!!
So, don't wait, take out your sword of Damocles and start stabbing!

wits0 said...

“To our Chinese friends..."

Yeah, recall Norman Vincent Peale from beyond the grave and make him re-write his famous book, "How to Make Friends and Influence People", by adding a new chapter saying that you make friends by waving a pig/frog sticker at them!

Some people hits bottom with their "logic" and dig with arrogance and shamelessness.

Anonymous said...

Both sides got a bloodlust:

Sharing said...

Toyo, Toyo,

How many land in Selangor had been back-stabbed?
Those concerning not only Chinese, Indian but also Malay,
If anyone want to back-stab UNMO because their officers been bully, should Malay be excluded?

Kota Damasara, Subang Ria Park, Taman Melawati Hill, many many more can be listed!
If you ever go visiting these area, for psychological safety, have your back armored!

You have been given brooms to officials of yours who cannot meet your tasks of income or Tax!
Have you considered their performance of obligations instead?
Or, your performance to the People at large?

People with eyes and souls will not back-stab even the worst UNMO officers like you in town,
People will cast wisely with their Votes when time comes!!

To make sure UNMO and BN can never have any chance to Back-stab People with manipulation of People's hard-earn money and Public Land that All People have a Share!!


Anonymous said...

why is this pendatang the MB of selangor? is malaysia so poor of choice talents, even with NEP, no true Malay can be the MB????

dun worri Khir, if chinese and indians backstabbed, can olways import more indons and philipinos into selangor. register them as voters.

artchan said...

I have decided to vote oppositon