Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lulu's KL and Putrajaya Friends Join Her In Celebrating Hari Hindraf on Wednesday

a gazillion thanks to the Hindraf5!
Remember, what Samy Vellu couldnt do in 29 years, Hindraf succeeded in [i think] 2 years.


Anonymous said...

tomorow spin in MSM will be PM's big ears have just heard SAMY's request.
Sorry, Hindraf will not even be mentioned.
Join the boycott of MSM, Lulu and spread the news of this boycott.
For more info, readers go to haris ibrahim's blog.

Anonymous said...

the analysis

1. Hindraft is the best thing to have happened to poor Malaysian Indians in the last 50 years

2. Samy Velu is a useless Malaysian Indian, rich or poor

3. Samy Velu is the perfect criminal, still not yet caught and running loose and doing his thing

4. The gomen is a bloody hypocrite

5. the Chinese Malaysians have less balls than the Indian Malaysians and the Malay Malaysians ? Let Tuhan decide

unbiased no-ego analyst