Friday, January 04, 2008

Lulu's Eyeballs Roll

did not Ong Ka Ting say,

On the health minister post vacated by Chua, Ong said he has contacted Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and gave him a list of potential candidates to replace Chua.
MCA 'regretfully accepts' Chua's resignation Jan 2, 08 3:04pm

After the emergency MCA presidential council meeting on Wednesday, Ong had conveyed the party’s decision on three names: Ong himself; MCA deputy president and Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy; and MCA vice-president and Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Dr Fong Chan Onn to the Prime Minister.
Ong tipped to be acting Health Minister Jan 4, 2008

fainted.... it sounded so innocent when OKT said, "gave him a list of potential candidates to replace Chua". Little did innocent people like Lulu think that in that list, contained his name.

And by the looks of it, all three names were incumbent ministers from MCA.
Is MCA so lacking in talent, or is he keeping the seat for family?

No wonder why reporters who attended OKT's press conference has a lot of [definetly unpublished and probably unpublishable anyway] snide remarks.


beeranyone said...

keeping the seat for his family...?

neh... but rather holding out that hot seat for another potential enemy.

lucia said...

mental jog

nepotism and cronism in bolehland is expected.

moo_t said...

Smart move. Let me tell Lulu what happen. To take the hot seat, machai people first must fight over it.
Election is next to the door step, sparking a fight machai within Team A,B,C, perhaps D and E.

It is not "the curse MoH" fengsui, but political reality (perhaps political reality is a curse too). ;)

Bolehland solution.

Anonymous said...

OKT's list of potential candidates to replace Chua is as follows:-
1. Ong Kah Ting
2. Ong Kah Ting
3. Ong Kah Ting
4. Ong Kah Ting
5. Ong Kah Ting
6. Ong Kah Ting
7. Ong Kah Ting
8. Ong Kah Ting
9. Ong Kah Ting
10.Ong Kah Ting

So Dollah has an easy choice of choosing the proper successor to Chua

denzook said...

i seconded chua jui meng....

since his days in wilderness, he became enlightened...yeah he became moral righteoous person...

chua jui meng: "i'll be back!"

Sharing said...

A Show of Mindsets!
See Human Relationship meant in this "Political" world!
Family touches with forgiveness.
a space with warmness.

Administration with directive
Parties, with stiffness and benefit
Politics, with cruelness
Spaceless with coldness.

Public touch legal, moral, emotional
with openness, bluntness, and some fairness.
spaces to mingle for meaningness!

shows a sharing of power and greediness instead of management or performance!
Hopeless & shameness!

kaki.ayam said...

i listen to Radio 5 (Ai FM) and was informed that only current ministers can take over the post of another Minister (or something). Which is why hot names like Ong Tee Keat was not in the list. I do not know if this is some kind of rules within MCA or what, but this is as reported in the radio.

Anyone got any further infor about this?

Anonymous said...

gotta reserve some goodies for his brother lah after the sore loss to the chilly padi from batu gajah.
by the way, chilly padi, best wishes to you (and of course your hubby).

Anonymous said...

I think PAS attempts at getting the police to charge Chua Soi Lek and his companion may possibly be to lead up to this:
Funny enough, the idea of the so-called JAWI raid stems from Najib’s own brush with the religious police. While many say that he was caught in a hotel room in Port Dickson by the JAWI counterpart in Negeri Sembilan, JAINS, Najib eventually countered the allegation by producing the report book of JAINS’ raids. Nowhere in the book is Najib mentioned, nor of any raid in the alleged hotel in Port Dickson around the date alleged by his enemies. In fact, the JAINS rumour was a smokescreen. Najib had indeed been caught with that actress, but not in Port Dickson but in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Najib’s special Branch officers had inserted the story of it being in Port Dickson in order to lay the ground for his alibi.