Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lulu's Concerned About What's Happening In Schools

It's shocking to read about the things that are happening in schools today.

This school, and trust Lulu, it's not the only one, "disqualified" kids who were wearing shorts from winning with flimsy excuses such as failing to get the ribbons at the designated spots and that the numbers pinned on the shirts were torn.
This school pula, insisted that the children shave off their moustaches and beards and used harsh words when they tried to explain. The reason behind their un-shavenness was that they had taken a Thaipusam vow, and at least one of their parents had written in to the school informing them of their vow and the date when they would shave it off.
And we have here a case of kids who do not attend religious class [and you know la, in schools, which religion is allowed to hold "religious class"] who were asked to wash the toilet. Nothing bad/evil in washing school toilets, Lulu has had a fair share, but making it non-muhibbah? that's not right...

KJ John, who has a regular column in Malaysiakini also had problems with the zealots in his son's school.
He writes,
"The second case was when a new Ustaz in my son’s primary school insisted that all Primary 6 prefects wear long pants; not one teacher stood up to ask why or challenged this arbitrary decision. Therefore, when I went in to write a complaint, the non-Malay deputy principal was truly appreciative of my “public protest” as he could use “my parent complaint” to raise and address this issue with the principal regarding the “new policy” which was not discussed by the teachers, but merely implemented by the new Ustaz.
The third instance was when I was on a PIBG committee at my son’s school when we heard that the principal had issued a verbal directive to all non-Muslim clubs and societies to “refrain from undertaking their religious activities within the school compound.” At the next PIBG committee meeting, I enquired of the principal where and why there was such a policy. She replied that it was a directive from the PPD or the Pegawai Pendidikan Daerah. I asked for a copy of the written directive, as I knew the implications of such a directive. The principal confirmed that it was an unwritten one. I advised her against following such “non-policies” and requested for her to rescind the policy before the annual PIGB meeting. She did not and the matter was raised at the next PIBG meeting and was resolved when another senior ex-government servant and a Malay parent argued that it was against the Federal Constitution."
If you are a parent, Lulu hopes that you are sensitive and aware of what's happening in your children's school. Also, some children may choose to abide and suffer in silence. Take an active role in your children's school. Also, remember that right for your school Christian, Buddhist and Hindu activities are given in the Federal Constitution. Challenge your school principal if he does not allow it. When/If you are not sure if they are right or wrong, use your schooldays as the benchmark.
Join the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA/PIBG). You cannot afford to let zealots narrow your children's mind and perspective of life.


Anonymous said...

Boy, am I GLAD that my youngest kid had "graduated" from the screwed up state schooling system end of last year. Had have enough nonsense from them.

Anonymous said...

I took my daughter out less than a month of being in the national school. My reasons:

1) Islamization - I don't have a problem with doing doa's at assemblies, but they took it too far by doing it before and after recess, having all the kids line up and getting the muslim students say the bismillah. These were 7 year olds, you think they would know the difference??

2) Arab language classes - if it were done purely on academic reasons, it would have been acceptable (not necessarily beneficial) but it came across as a subtle(maybe not) attempt to influence the kids. And no guesses who would be teaching them - the biased, insensitive ustaz's and their ilk.

3) The teachers were of such poor quality. They could not care less. Teaching for them was ' salin semua yg ditulis di papan hitam' or 'buat kerja sendiri'

4) Most of them are racists.

So now, my daughter studies in a private school I can ill afford but I'll be damned if she has to put up with stupid policies and people! I am willing to sacrifice my pleasures..

charis14 said...

"Join the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA/PIBG)."
This will not work. The PTA of national schools is merely a 'cover' and another arm of the principal. My friend who took this route informed that the teachers block-vote against undesired candidates. Instead, some even nominate their spouse.

team bsg said...

a classic case of a crumbling "empire" where the napoleans are grabbing some left over crumbs before the final meltdown ?

or as the Malays call it , bahagialah di zaman huru hara kini sebelum mati
or who can blame them when the RCI circus is in full swing

law what law? constitution what constipation ? classes what
*%^ /#&%$$%^ sob ! its time to DIY

denzook said...

lulu, you have to be fair. being bald that means the person is lighter and not fair to the opponent with hair! is this fair ? oso is not fair to runner wearing shorts competing with track-bottom which so hot and heavier than short. is this fair? like ferrari last time 1cm case, almost kena penalized! our skool are world standard and the athletes must compete in fair and square...

Anonymous said...

In a couple more years, schoolboys will have to participate in sports in Taliban attire complete with turban, while schoolgirls will do so dressed in burqa.

Anonymous said...

Anyone noticed that Lingam Tape Part III is one of the top video on Youtube?

All this begin with our messed up constitution and the place to begin to change it is our messed up judiciary. That is why this Lingam-tape case is so important. The RCI if it does not lead to a RCI on the entire judiciary will be s perpetuation of these things.

Shree said...

I remember when i was in final year of secondary school in Klang. The person who was supposed to be teaching us did not turn up( i think it was the english teacher), the next adjacent class had our class teacher attending it. (She teaches biology). She (who happens to be from the majority ethnic group) came into our class room and asked all the people from her ethnic group to come into the adjacent class. Me being the unfortunate Indian however could not take this and i asked her right there, why i wasnt being asked to join the adjacent class room since i am doing nothing as well, she said that i was reading a book so thats why she did not ask me, but what about the other 70% of the class(Chinese & Indian who were not doing anything?.....

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is not a Taliban country but a SECULAR country. Remember that even Muslim students wearing turban were expelled from their school ( ).
Probably 'Hinduism is not about wearing tali'?
I once met a Mandarin-speaking Malay teacher who complained on difficulties to bring students Solat Zohor in a school with Malay headmaster citing office hours as the reason but has no problem doing so when teaching in Chinese school, with the headmaster saying 'agama punya pasal, tak boleh kacau'.

Jarod said...

"Also, remember that right for your school Christian, Buddhist and Hindu activities are given in the Federal Constitution. Challenge your school principal if he does not allow it. When/If you are not sure if they are right or wrong, use your schooldays as the benchmark."

Hi LULU, from the above statement that are taken from your blog, i would like to know in which part of Federal Constitution did it mention about freedom of having religious activities? I would like to know more as there are a lot of student that wanted religious activities to be offer them. A lot of student are asking for it, but Head of the school are not giving it. Hope you could help me.

If could, email me at: 2684glory[at]gmail[dot]com

Thanks alot. Appreciated your comment~