Monday, January 07, 2008

Lulu Wonders Whats Next

we've had chicken shortage, sugar shortage, flour shortage and now cooking oil shortage.
As with all "murder victims", Lulu looks at the similarity of all these products to try to figure out the common cause.

they're all control price item.

This makes Lulu wonder, what would the next shortage be on?
So, Lulu looked up the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs homepage.
This is the list of control price items.

Barang-Barang Yang Telah Diistiharkan Sebagai Barang-Barang Kawalan Sepanjang Masa Dibawah Akta Kawalan Bekalan 1961.
Kayu getah bagi Negeri-Negeri Kedah, Perlis, Pulau Pinang dan Perak
Gula kasar dan gula halus
Susu termasuk susu pekat, susu tepung atau susu kering dan susu cair
Simen dan klinker
Tepung gandum
Minyak masak
Ubat serangga
Cuka getah atau apa-apa cuka lain yang digunakan untuk membekukan getah
Bar bulat keluli lembut
Minyak tanah
Ikan yang disedia atau diawet dalam bekas kedap udara
Beras dari semua jenis
Petrol, spirit motor dan gasolin motor dari semua gred
Bahanapi cecair
Gas petroleum cecair
Semua jenis roti
Minyak bahanapi

What's next?
there must be something wrong in this ideology of control price item if we keep facing shortages. The cooking oil shortage is a real embarasment for our country as we are the top producer of palm oil.
What should we do to correct this?


Shawn Tan said...

Rice.. must be rice..

Anonymous said...

Most of the world are bracing for possible recession with food prices soaring. Our Gman is still on 'feel good' mode. One way to fight recession here is to allow PO prices to follow the world quoted PO trend and use the increased revenue from the sales to subsidise other food items. It is better than shortages and economy meltdown. Anyway, just another wishful thinking since the lower and middle populace net income and saving have not increased significantly in the past 4 years to weather even a slight increase in food items or a recession sucessfully. Sigh. w9

Damocles said...

Perhaps there's a conspiracy to create an artificial shortage when the prices are controlled.
Once the control is lifted, I'm sure there'll be abundant supply.
The government should check on the supply side to see if there is any hanky-panky and take appropriate action.

Anonymous said...

baja dah naik for a while dah

original "i dun wanna live w/o u"

my version "i dunno how 2 live wif $2K" :(

rational thinker said...

lulu and fellow readers,

when an item is under price controlled, it is understandable that constant oversupply or shortage is a possibility. While the domestic prices are deliberatedly controlled by our government, the world prices of goods such as palm oil, cooking oil, sugar etc are determined by basic supply-demand of the world market. Hence, when the crude palm oil / cooking oil / biofuel prices are on the rise, it is expected that our local producers would prefer to sell to China/India/Europe/AMerica for the higher world price, compared to the controlled domestic price.

Pearls said...

I think everyone should just learn to cook with less oil. What's this nonsense a family of 5 buying 2 bottles of 5kg cooking oil each??? That is 50kg of oil weiii!!!!! Do what?? swim in it izzit??

Of course what Rationale thinker said make sense.... I am sure the manufacturers/producers are putting brakes on their production since crude palm oil price is soaring to reap more profit later. Any business minded gooney would do just that and there is nothing wrong with that. It is afterall business and the only thing that matter is dollar and cents! As for us, well, learn to live with less of it or if possible, w/out it. Afterall, we do consume way too much oil!