Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lulu Wonders If The PM Ever Thinks About The Day When He's No Longer PM

Lulu, like Marina, was not amused to see the Star publish a picture of 'Sekretariat Bertindak Anak Muda Malaysia' carrying placards voicing out their surprise on Mahathir's forgetfulness
when they had not/could not publish the picture of that same group giving a present to the current Prime Minister.
Not that Lulu's a fan of DrM, but the Star's double standards are pathetic. At least Malaysiakini and bloggers have been consistent, featuring both the events organised by the group.

It's no secret that the current PM loves people buttering up to him and singing high praises of him.
It makes Lulu wonder if he ever wonders what how much "respect" his bodek-ers will show him when he's no longer PM.
Unless he dies in office, he has to understand and bear in mind that someday, he will no longer be PM. And there'll be no more reason for the syncophants to kiss the ground he walks on. Praise is so important to him. How will he live without it?


Anonymous said...

asked the chief editor. maybe sunday will be a good day for an answer, Mr Wong, no?

denzook said...

there's one more upcoming that our honorable pm pecked by some datin in penang ... ooo, can't wait for the photo leaked, we headline

"aab digemari datin".....

Pearls said...

Biasala tu!

Need we all have orientation that The Star publication is very bias?? Of course not! There are so many reports missing from The Star when compared to other newspapers...

Sigh... that is why I don't buy The Star... I don't support newspaper who are very blatant about being bias..... Some more dare to price their weekend edition at RM1.50. Pooiik!