Monday, January 21, 2008

Lulu Wonders If The Islam Hadhari Poster Boy Have A Meeting On Sunday Morning, Lied Or Buckeled Under His Insecurities

On Saturday night, at a Ponggal Festival (Tamil New Year) event at Bukit Bintang, the PM pleadged to the Indian community yesterday that he would consider declaring Thaipusam a national holiday.
“I have to hold a meeting before a decision can be made. I promise you, I’ll consider it,”
Take note - Saturday night

And then on Sunday evening, he announces to a crowd of "20,000" that he had considered the request by the MIC to declare Thaipusam a public holiday, "we" discussed this matter and decided to let it be a holiday because "would be traffic jams everywhere in Kuala Lumpur ".

Lulu's wondering, did the PM

a. Hold a meeting on Sunday morning?
if he did, then Lulu doubts if it were a meeting with BN component leaders or Cabinet ministers as OKT was busy in Sg Way trying to promote his golden girl, the soon to be Senator CMF.
"we" could be the 4th floor boys, right?

b. Lie on Saturday night that he will hold a meeting on Sunday morning when the matter had already been decided
Zorro's Hantu had already informed him that Hindraf has subtly hinted to Hantu that THAIPUSAM WILL BE DECLARED A NATIONAL HOLIDAY before 23rd January.


c. Buckle under pressure in the presence of a lukewarm crowd
Our PM's addicted to people fawning all over him and kissing the ground he walks on. He needs it, he thrives on it.
One of Haris's readers wrote an account of the mammoth syncophant gathering that wasn't. He wrote about how the same 10 rows of people from the middle segment standing up and clapping enthusiastically,the rest of the stadium remained seated indifferently, not bothering to stand or clap for that matter.
Being the weak insecure chap who loves praises and kissasses, could the PM have panicked and buckled under his insecurity and because he needed so much to be accepted and praised, declared Thaipusam a holiday for KL and Putrajaya ahead of consulting the cabinet?

What do you think happened? What other scenarios could there be which Lulu had not thought of?


purpleflower said...

i think PM just decided he needed another day to sleep in...

denzook said...

wah, 20,000 ppl - don play play ..... in fact mic really can mobilize 100,000 if they want to....

who cares whether is saturday nite or sunday morning, it's already decided thaipusam is holiday....

Anonymous said...

PM to carry kavadi on Thaipusam day... errr, just a jokelah

Anonymous said...

please forgive my ignorance but isn't thaipusam already a public holiday? i remember during my school days we always had the day off. unless my memories of the 11 years in public school has been a lie...

denzook said...

vely good reading:

excerpt: At this point, Pak Lah was asleep and was slowly woken up by his wife’s voice I believe. Samy Velu then went on to say,‘MIC machinery is ready! Tentera MIC sudah siap sedia! Hanya tunggu senjata!’ I leave it to you to decide what does ’senjata’ refer to in this statement. Samy said ‘Kita mahu hapuskan semua parti pembangkang.’

actually when the tv news i saw showed much much bigger crowd, cheering for aab when thaipussam is declared a holiday, I'm thinking mic is very solid to mobilize such number of ppl, wo apalah hindraf....

Crankshaft said... a Ponggal Festival (Tamil New Year) event ..

is ponggal the tamil new year??

Pearls said...

Does it matter whether the PM had or didnt have any meetings on Sunday pertaining to Thaipusam being a public holiday in FT states? If he did, who did he had the meeting with, Was it Sunday or Saturday?? WHO CARES!!!!Who actually gives 2 thoughts about it... I dont!

What is important is WE GET THE HOLIDAY!! WOoo Hooo!!! Now can go holah on Thaipusam day....

Sharing said...

For Courtesy, he has to mention that he has to consult
In reality, did he ever care to consult?
He forget he was speaking in Saturday
He might even forgot he was not in Spain.
Even he said a lot,
Did he mean for he said?
Day or Night can be a good snooze so Saturday or Sunday not a lost (to him)!
The only point he want is Indians to vote so a national Holiday for Indian could come forth!

When only part of 20,000 came (6,000), the Holiday was given partly to KL & Putrajaya instead!

The remaining for another deal!
He is awake!!

But holding the rest keeps the rest holding the Votes!!
He will lost instead!!

Anonymous said...

If he did, who did he had the meeting with - Pearls

Khairy Jamaluddin the UMNO whizz kid?

KY said...

Thaipusam should have been a National Holiday since independence. The other 2 major races each have their new year and at least a religious holiday.

Anonymous said...

we are typical brainless malaysians with nothing to do so what holiday or not ?

can always get MC issit not ?

50,000 people march to get a holiday ? omg what inhumans & fools

Angry Taxpayer said...

I think it was becos he wasn't getting the type of reception he expected from all those in the stadium and in a desperate bid for a 1-minute show of the much addicted adoration, Bodowi spontaneously announced the holiday....and he got what he wanted, a 1-mintue show of adoration.
Being well known for his flip flop policies, I bet after the election, these idiots will come up with some excuse to revert back the holiday announcement.

wits0 said...

Anything and everything in beating around the bush by way of tokenism except to face the situation squarely. This is the true face of the governance of Bolehland.

Taboos and obfuscations are more important than honesty and real integrity. This is the surreal thinking under the coconut shell that has taken hold over the country because it facilitates the racist-fascist mindset nad agenda.

Anonymous said...

ms pearl,

i thought u a mother, why the school kid remarks such as

"What is important is WE GET THE HOLIDAY!! WOoo Hooo!!! Now can go holah on Thaipusam day...."

it is ppl like u who manipulate/get manipulated into a state such as today (no im not talking about the woo-hoo-holiday)

Damocles said...

"What is important is WE GET THE HOLIDAY!! WOoo Hooo!!! Now can go holah on Thaipusam day...." - Pearls

Looks like you're willing to sell your soul for a holiday!
So, I'm sure you're going to give your vote to the BN.
That's how this party manages to place the yoke on your shoulders, isn't it?
We lost the war before the fight has even started!

Anonymous said...

lies, lies and damn lies. coming from a religious person, how sad.