Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Lulu Wondering About The Point Of Having Senators and Dewan Negara

Lulu was trying to recall why we have a Dewan Negara in this country.
The Dewan Negara reviews legislation that has been passed by the Dewan Rakyat.
They both meet at the Houses of Parliament.
Both houses must pass a bill before it can be sent to the King for royal assent.
BUT The Dewan Negara may not formally reject bills; it is only allowed to delay their passage by one month, or up to a year under certain circumstances.
In other words, no matter how much the members of the Dewan Negara would object to a bill, the bill can bypass their approval.
Doesn't sound like they're of much use, yah?

Look at some of our illustrious members
- Lee Chong Meng
- Muhammad bin Muhammad Taib
- Nor Hayati Binti Tan Sri Dato' Seri Onn
hmmm.... the thoughts flashing through Lulu's mind - intergrity and people dont want to elect them so let the government appoint them.

so, as Lulu was wondering, wondering, wondering, Luluis beginning to think that it is indeed a safe haven for failed-but-not-yet-give-up politicians.
Look at the chap from Bukit Bintang. Failed, but not yet give up. If Lulu's not mistaken, his 2 terms are coming up soon, and he cannot stay in the Dewan Negara for a third term. Hence his bid to be seen as the defender of traders, fending of demolition of infamous food court where foreign women, especially Chinese national, hang out to offer sexual services and organising "protests" in hotels for traders as far as Jln Alor who were affected by the Bersih rally.

then it made Lulu think of a soon to be rejected MP.
ahh.... there is still hope for Lulu's MP!
Lulu did think before this - if when she loses her seat in PJ Utara, would it be the end of her political career? Would she have to give up her [and apparently her boss's also] ambition to be Wanita MCA Chief? Would she have to give up her [and apparently his too] dream to be the first MCA lady minister?
The solution, my friend, can be found in the Dewan Negara.
As long as there is a Dewan Negara in Malaysia, she has a place to seek political refuge. She [and her boss] need not give up her dreams and aspirations.
Senator Datin Paduka CMF.... well.... it's a good consolation for someone who did not win, and it does sound more glamour than plain ol YB. Hope she'll get used to it.


myop101 said...

dear lulu,

I don't think CMF will lose. She has apparently built a rock solid image in your neighbourhood and a lot of people don't know the alternative face.

as for the senators, they are not elected by the people hence if they are allowed to block bills, it may not reflect the will of the people (not that it is now in the truest sense anyway but that is beside the point). we all know ideally, both houses are elected but this country is not prepared to do so.

Anonymous said...

CMF has her loyalists, but not enough to guarantee a win for her.
She knows who "the alternative face" is, and her machais have launched at least 2 known attacks on him and his credibility.

Anonymous said...

CMF is an opportunist, the way she robbed the women wing's deputy chief speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

LCM had a failed 'erection' last time, now he is trying very hard for the next 'erection'.

Anonymous said...

CMF had accident, couldnt go to the parliament to "aye" the extension of the retirement age for RashiT of the EC but managed to somehow put her vote in.

she was staying in taman megah and when her house got broken into she has now moved to sierramas! wow, easy for her. how about others like u and me? bagus la MP kita, banyak duit...

anyway, its not a vote against CMF but a vote against MCA. if we all see it this way, we can send MCA packing and get rid of the dogs in the MCA, once and for all!

Sharing said...

If the system are serious,
The Jobs and Duties should be well specified, qualified and justified!
Have all these been seen?
Many take the freedom if to clarify
when challenged to verify!!
Do they bother if People have to sacrifice?

The first mechanism of the Government is nullified!
Vote to rectify!!
or it will continue to be rubber stamps to the best it can be qualified!!

Anonymous said...

Do spare some pity for the poor gal. Saw a picture of her in the papers today hanging on for dear life to a walking aid and with only one functioning eye.

A member of the so-called weaker sex and disabled at that. Let's give her all our sympathy though not necessarily our vote.

Angry Taxpayer said...

She will definitely get some symphathy votes, especially from the aunties and uncles.

Anonymous said...

angry T

u mean she...the