Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lulu Wishes These Nasty Things Do Not Happen

but they do.

Please keep your eyes open to see if your neighbour suddenly brings a little girl home
or there's the constant sound of a child crying from a house that you know do not have children

The little girl in the photo, her name is Sharlinie. She's five years old.
On Wednesday morning, she and her sister went to the playground about 200m from her home.
She never returned home.
Someone took her away.
No one knows that person is
But we all pray that she is found before anything nasty happens to her.

a child's life is at stake here.


Pearls said...

What is wrong with these parents!? Why are they so stubborn when it comes to their children's safety? Didnt Nurin's case knock some cow sense into their pretty heads that young children must be supervised at all times especially when they are in public places? WHAT! WHAT IS FREAKING WRONG WITH THESE PARENTS!?

Come on!! Even if parents are illiterate, I am sure they did hear and watch over TV about Nurin's case. Didnt that message drive home anything to these recalcitrant parents? Why are there parents who still think that such evil things will not happen to my child?? Blinking Bonkers!

Don't even think of mentioning that excuse.."No time, gotta do housework or attend to my other children" If that is the case, than why have so many children? What's with this human attitude that you don't give 2 shit about anything and continue to squeeze out little human being thinking that GOD will provide!? Yah.. sure.. GOD will provide but can you deliver what GOD provide?

Such news pisses me off! The poor child. The trauma, fear and God only knows what she must be going through now....I put the blame on the lousy parents who are entrust by GOD to take care of their children properly. Such parents ought to be sterilized! Cannot fulfill all parental obligations, than for the love of GOD la, dont be one!

Old Fart said...

I refuse to blame parents when it comes to losing their little children to kidnappers and child molesters. If this is to be the case then very soon no one will want to have children out of fear and children will grow up being completely out of touch with the world.

The cruelty of this crime cuts across all races and every parent feels for the parents and prays for the safe return of the child.

What is needed is the greater publicity that is needed about the suspect in this case. It is no point puting up the sketch of the image of the suspect of a previous crime at this time.

The sister of Sharlinie has already stated that it was a woman in high heels and that Sharlinie was taken into a black car. The eight year old might be able to narrow down that car to its make. Then the public should be asked to recall putting these facts together to recall if they saw this and if they did to call the police. Every and all information that puts these permutations together will certainly help. Of course if the image of that character that is now being put up also comes to view it adds to the value of the information.

Having lived in New Zealand, one thing I note is taht over there everytime the police are in chase of someone out on the run, they put out as much of the information of the person they are looking for and constantly keep prompting the public if all this information coming together recalls for them any instance they may have come across. More often than not someone calls in.

The psychological impact of the information being given out here seems disparate and does not help members of the public to put two and two together to prompt them about likely similarities that should be called in.

A black car in itself means nothing. But a black car, Malay /Chinese/Indian or whatever woman it might be, and a 5 year old Malay child, short hair, and whatever dress it was that she was last that prompts. Why don't they say exactly if the present suspect, the woman identified is a Chinese, Indian or Malay? Is it about trying to be politically correct? In New Zealand when a suspect is being sought they don't worry about nameing the possible race/ethnicity. This helps to narrow down the permutations and this information should be outed ASAP over radio, TV and whatever else, including all bloggers.

But then again I suppose political considerations overdie all this and the lives of little 5 and 6 year olds isn't it? How sick and how sad!

Anonymous said...

ms Pearl,

are you suggesting that children should grow up in prison, and forbidden in public places? since they might be juz dissappearing within a split second out of eyesight

if a kids got drown in the bathroom tats negligence of the parents alright.

in this case, its some pro-kidnapper snatching the child with intuition!

ya right the social condition is at such tat you cant risk the possibility but to lock them up in the house, BUT this shouldnt make it as an idea to BLAME it SOLELY to parents as its not the direction to promote a SAFE society

Anonymous said...

Madam Pearl, ask yourself if Sharlinie would had disappeared had she played in a playground in Singapore. Then ask yourself what happens to the taxes we pay when the police can't be bothered to tackle crime

Pearls said...


I am suggesting that children shouldnt be allowed to go anywhere alone as in without an adult tagging along! You got read the newspaper or not? The missing girl and her sister were in the playground while her mama is cooking at home. WHAT IS THAT???!!! Her mama also say, she didnt know that her children has scooted off to the playground (as per report in some newspapers) Again, WHAT IS THAT??!! Next, why are the children at the playground at that time, 11.00am? WHAT IS THAT?? THAT IS NEGLIGENT la!

To begin with, as parents, it is your duty to drill and drum into your child this Number 1 rule "YOU MUST ALWAYS TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE GOING/YOU ARE NOT TO GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT TELLING ME/YOU CANNOT GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION/YOU CANNOT SIMPLY OPEN THE DOOR AND GO". What's with the "free range chicken" lifestyle, go anywhere anytime as you please?? It is very obvious that this family's children are allowed to do just that... go anywhere, anytime as they please. That is dangerous! PERIOD!

Next, Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times when they go out anywhere. When I say adult, it is not their 2 years older sibling. I meant someone who knows how to react when there is a crisis. It is a known fact that if there is a watchful adult around, these evil pro, part-time kidnapper or molesters are less likely to pounce on the child. Would you be so stupid or desperate to pounce on the child if say his/her mama is around, watching like a hawk? You not scared kena karate ah?

Of course, there is no 100% prevention of crime and yes, there are times, even with the presence of an adult, it still hapens. I have seen it myself! but the fact remains that every parents have to take all necessary precautionS to protect their young and helpless!

Coming back to this case, if this is a planned abduction case, than isnt it very glaring that these pro-kidnappers have been eyeing this child and knows her movements?? That says a lot about the child's parents right...

Yes, we can all talk till we turn blue on how we want our society to be or should be, yadda, yadda, yadda... but the painful fact remains is this.. It is a cruel world out there and if you want to bring some innocent bundle of joy into this world, you better be game enough to do your policeman/policewoman duties dilligently!

Yes, I would say that if Sharlinie was always left unattended in any part of this world's playground, she would have a very high chance of disappearing too. Remember the vegetable stall girl who was found stuffed in some carton boxes a few days later in a Singapore market, where her mama worked? She follows her mama to work there....

Yes la, want to have children, better think carefully... Don't happy happy go have children and 2 years down the line, cannot heck it, start to feel like it is big burden and go on your merry ways neglecting them... A lot of parents are like that here, thus, the "free-range chicken"lifestyle!

Pearls said...

Oh.. by the way, I qualify to make those comments above because I am a Mama myself and yes, sorry to let anonymous know, my daughters who are 16 years old, are not allowed to be "free range chicken" from the day they know that their legs can take them anywhere they want to go! Now that they are older, whenever they are going to be late coming home, they better call and let me know why and where are they.

bruce said...

i for one do not blame the parents because childsren have the right to play.for children to grow up with a sound mind and health, they need to you can not restrict children from suggestion on this matter is that the government should employ measures that will protect children's rights. in this case i blame the government.anyway, we will be praying for the girl and GOD is and will be with her.Bruce

Anonymous said...

the government should learn to protect children's rights.the government in this matter is at fault.