Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lulu Wishes The Little Girls Could Go Play In Playgrounds Again

this past week has been a bliss for Lulu. Lulu's done with her work and can leave the office on time.

The route Lulu takes home passes a playground. There are children playing there, but all boys. No girls. Their mummies are probably keeping them indoors after what happened to Nurin, Sharlinie and 5 other little girls.

It really saddens Lulu that the little girls dare not come out to play.

Lulu hopes that our “What’s going on? Why is it so high?” Internal Security Minister will actually do something.
Maybe he should start looking at where our policemen are placed. With one third of the force in pengurusan, Lulu thinks we do have cops whom we can spare for patrolling.

Then maybe, the little girls can come out to play.


overworked neurons said...

only 6% of the entire force is doing investigations? no wonder it takes so long to solve a crime.

The bulk of it are in KDN/crowd control. Talk about misappropriation of manpower!

Sharing said...

Order Binded instead of Duty binded is the cause!
If authority are set with identification of jobs and Duty to be performed
Surely can't be so worse!

Duties should be performed as needed and not until the yell of PM or anyone in power before it start to awake!
Or, Duties performed never an appreciation but Order complied the only way their increments can fly!

Even making a report to the Police is a big fuss.
How can efficiency be expected when they are only order binded and not performance binded!!

When the whole system of the authority are not Duty binded, what can People expect?

Even Ministers are for flip-flop
can skip answering on a PKFTZ scandal, or, manipulation of price quoted,
Will anyone act onto the Police?
Especially when they are to standby for Cannons and Teargas!!

The whole authority is in a mess, so every sections have excuses of being incorrect!

Everyone can only pray instead!!
Pray for the coming GE may be the quickest way to reset!!

Anonymous said...

Lulu, for a start, you should realise that this is a LAWLESS country!
It started about a quarter of a century ago and is still continuing.
Our population is growing but the police force has remained more or less static. So how can they keep an eye on security?
No, they can't! And the so called caring government don't give a damn either! As long as they are beyond the reach of the criminals.
Previously, we have police pondoks in most cities and towns. We have police patrolling the streets etc. They have long gone!
Especially galling is the refusal of policemen to take reports of crimes if they are not committed within their jurisdiction.
Although the IGP has repeatedly told the public that they can do so, his officers have different ideas!
These have often been reported in the controlled news media but so far has any action been taken against the culprits?
Life goes on until the next crime!
We only hope that we are not the victims!!