Friday, January 11, 2008

Lulu's Telling Ya, It's Only Going To Get Worse

“The illustrations of prophets in the Christian children’s books are said to offend the sensitivities of Muslims,”

Next they'll be visiting your church and confiscating anything which depicts Jesus cos for the Muslim, Jesus is a prophet
and after that, if you're a Catholic, they may even confiscate your crucifix.

You think that's far fetched? Well, they're already confiscating illustrated children's books.

What's your BN MP going to say?
They're all going to keep quiet until ol sleepy head says something.
Mount enough pressure on him and he may say something. Lulu's counting on you to pressure those in authority.
No guarantee that they will do something, but we cannot stay silent.

You still want to vote for BN?


Anonymous said...

Say NO to Islamisation. Say NO to BN.

Anonymous said...

I really don't get these idiots!!

Don't they realize that Christianity/Judaism/Islam has much in common?

What is so offensive?? If these were Christian books meant for kids, I doubt that the prophets would have been painted in a negative manner....

If its only down to pictures of the prophets, then thats just plain stupid!!

1st it was the exclusivity of Allah, now the prophets...geez, the prophets must be turning in their graves!!

team bsg said...

the time has, indeed come

Anonymous said...

The BN gomen is just up to their filthy tricks by hook or by crook to play up issues to manipulate the innocent Malays into a corner as if they are being attacked by the non muslims and other races.

The truth is this BN gomen is cheating all of us Malaysians of all races & religions.

Lets hope that our Malay friends can see this dirty trick being played at them.

Anonymous said...

This too is a form of ethnic cleansing.

denzook said...

what makes you think opposition wont do that when they come into power? the raid is from "jabatan islam", is religion component that carry out the raid. what makes you think that PAS wouldn't be more worse when come into power, and also keadilan. do you think keadilan will disband jabatan agama islam, whatever islam department when come into rule ? get real, this is muslim country and whether incumbent or opposition, it will still be the same unless these "pegawai" re-educated.....

Anonymous said...

since when and can someone tell me where it is written in our legal system that offending Muslims is a crime?

Attilla the Hun said...

Stupid, half educated, narrow minded, inward looking, insecure, insensitive, moronic, unholy, bigoted, discriminatory lunatics of the Publications and Al-Quran Texts Control Department of the Internal Security Ministry, and other self proclaimed Muslim authorities are making Malaysia a laughing stock all over the world, including in most Muslim majority nations.
With arseholes such as these running around loose to spread hatred, no wonder most wars are started due to religious differences!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

dysfunctional is the word. and confusion reigns. religious issues are in a mess. snatching dead bodies. now, confiscation.
then, you have great minds coming out with the most ingenious plan. PRICE FIXING AND CHAIR BY THE PM.
Sounds communisim aint it? you know what. Prepare for more shortages. I am not prescient but thats what happens when IDIOTS try to meddle too much with market forces. ECONS 101, PM.

wits0 said...

About time to understand that the semantics and the polemics relating to "sensitivities" in this case is hegemony in disguise. Any person of immense ego always automatically claims a wide berth for his encroaching "sensitivities" naturally. What a put-on euphemism!

shiver said...


if its bad as this, then i rather take my chance with PAS. every other day is suffocating non - muslims in malaysia. one day they will come barging into your house and confiscate your holy books.

better the devil that we know than one we doesnt you say? at this rate, i take my chance, cause if i know if we can vote out this govt, then 4-5 years time, we can vote out the next.

dont just stand there and say no difference when you bloody well know that the worse is about to come.

can the govt do something useful with the economy for those SME's instead? and how about the crime situation in malaysia?


Sharing said...

Muslim, Muslim, do you all agree on such act?
Or which Muslim Authorities instead?
Some of the Muslim friends totally object!

Another Daim making the complaint?

Can Muslim sensitivities be specified?
Or as in medicine, we call allergy instead!

Ah, they are allergic to the Prophet in the Story book!
MPH should ask for a sample of Prophet to go!
Then, should it go?

The Department has to provide
or which Prophet should be standard to quote??
It is no joke!!

Anonymous said...

These fanatical idiots are turning Malaysia into the laughing stock of the world.

Anonymous said...

shiver, you are to the dot and i am with you on this.
i m going to vote for PAS/PKR in titiwangsa constituency. by the way, i am a buddhist.

wits0 said...

Check it out, as too who does not actuually practise the Golden Rule - thence the mother of all problems.

Versions Of The Golden Rule In Different Religions

HINDU: This is the sum of duty; do naught unto others which if done
thee would cause thee pain. (inclusive, partial)

ZOROASTRIAN: That nature alone is good which refrains from doing unto
another whatsoever is not good for itself. (inclusive, partial)

TAOIST: Regard your neighbour's gain as your own gain, and your
neighbour's loss as your own loss. (selective, complete)

BUDDHIST: Hurt not others in ways that you would find hurtful.
(inclusive, partial)

CONFUCIAN: Do not unto others what you would not have them do unto
you. (inclusive, partial)

JAIN: In happiness and suffering, in joy and grief, we should regard
all creatures as we regard our own self. (inclusive, complete)

JEWISH: Whatever thou hatest thyself, that do not to another.
(inclusive, partial)

CHRISTIAN: All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you,
do ye even so to them. (inclusive, complete)

ISLAMIC: No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother
that which he desires for himself. (selective, complete)

aHou said...

Still wondering why the world has Islamophobia?

wits0 said...

The terms Islamophobia, Islamophobes are invention by some people to imply that such fears are unfounded and irrational. They'll have to prove that don't they?

Anonymous said...

first they came for the hindus, now they come for the christians. this is what dhimmitude is all about.

Anonymous said...


Are the following interpretation correct?
HINDU: Split Duty to others to avoid pain of oneself?
ZOROASTRIAN: Do good when at least good for oneself?
Similar to consider others with oneself being part of to be affected.
CHRISTIAN: even more generous?
ISLAMIC: With consideration to his brother same as his? (And brothers stands for all human, isn't it?)

kittykat46 said...

This is now an Islamic state. Dhimmis only have limited rights, as long as they don't offend the Muslims in any manner whatsover.

What is your MCA or Gerakan representative going to do about it ? Nothing. They value their Ministerial positions, official perks etc. etc. too much to rock the boat.

wits0 said...

"ISLAMIC: With consideration to his brother same as his? (And brothers stands for all human, isn't it?)"

Are you really that naive?

Damocles said...

Lulu, I think that you have Lulu-ed!
You put a cross over the BN party logo and then put a caption below that, asking people not to vote for them.
Someone reading your message may think that they should put a cross against the BN logo in the voting slip and inevitably give them the vote!
Normally, a tick will signify acceptance while a cross will mean the opposite.
However, in this country it's vice versa!
As for the religious matters in this country, it is obvious the BN is using it to gain votes.
Any government, which is sincere, will downplay such matters instead of whipping them up.
As far as PAS is concerned, the present leadership has shown that it's ready to install a strict Islamic state if it won although the younger leadership may be different. It's a possibility that its attitude may change with the these young leaders.
PKR has, so far, not shown any inclination towards a religious state but both being predominant Muslim parties, it's a chance that voters have to take.
That leaves us one other choice - the DAP.
So far this is the most secular party and seems to be the best bet for us.
So, why not give them a shot at forming the next government?

Anonymous said...

"ISLAMIC: With consideration to his brother same as his? (And brothers stands for all human, isn't it?)"

Are you really that naive?
If not, how come so many Islamophobes or Islamophia?

The problem is not the religion itself but those politicians who had turn religion into political instrument!!

Muslim is not a problem. Those turning them into political are the sin!
Or those willing to be used as instrument are the sin!

Puvanan said...

This is not Islamisation; It sounds more like Islam-as-I-say-tion.

Anonymous said...

What is your MCA or Gerakan representative going to do about it ? - kittykat46

Nothing. They agreed to islamic State.

Anonymous said...

The problem is not the religion itself but those politicians who had turn religion into political instrument-anonymous

Islam is political. That is why there is the OIC. That is why there is such a term as `Islamic State`.
You really need to study the koran.

wits0 said...

Kittykat46: "Dhimmis only have limited rights, .. "

These rights can only shrink and this is islamisation. It's far fetched to say that it's just exploited politics, as if is really so. Like as if a religion is totally exonerated, only the followers erred. We don't hear of any problem of widespread Christianization or Hinduization or Buddhistization worldside.

Anonymous said...
Muhammad and Jesus are having the same position to GOD (Allah)!!

A Slave to God and also a Prophet!!
Muhammad got one more job - a Messenger!

Old Fart said...

Cheap gains for "Allah" being made to ensure Christians retaliate or Christians say things in disgust so that all Muslims will unite in "defending the faith"!. (You may read all Muslims as "all Malays" too).

The Malays are so divided that UMNO feels the heat. Hindus are a tricky lot. Tamil Tigers and all. But Christians are thought to turn the other cheek so not so scarry. Can whack and whack again and again. Just hope that you get one sucker to fall into the trap and then can galvanise the Muslims for a Danish Cartoons type of a response where all Muslims will come together. Then two weeks later have election!

In the meantime you got to all pray for the sacrificed souls of all those Muslims who committed the biggest unforgivable sin of all. They had to endure, like as if they had to endure eating pork, having to read these children's Christian books and for the religious officials who seized these books it would have been like touching pork.

Indeed I took all the trouble to ensure there was no pork in the house and that I served only halal food when I had two tudung wearing Malaysian Malay girls stay in my house in New Zealand a couple of years ago. I did all this telling myself that should I do any less i would be sinning within the context of my faith which is not Islam. Now that through the actions of my faith, giving demand to such children's books, that now has contaminated forever the sinless selves of some very religious Muslims, I feel like as if I have sinned.

Please forgive me!

wits0 said...

Little real need to actually say more:

juslo said...

if u want to talk about ’sensitivity’, u have to stop at the church/mosque/temple door. u DON’T GO INSIDE n then claim to b offended by what goes on INSIDE OTHER PEOPLE’S religious practices/their INTERNAL communications. u DON’T go n read OTHER people’s scriptures/circulars/magazines n then claim that what u read — which r meant for THEIR OWN FOLLOWERS ONLY — is offensive to u, THE OUTSIDER/NON-BELIEVER.

the moment we want to regulate how OTHER RELIGIONS practice THEIR religions n what THEY say — to EACH OTHER AND NOT TO OUTSIDERS — that would b the END of religious freedom.

n if it’s okay for muslims to claim to b ’sensitive’ or ‘confused’ about others’ religious practices/dogmas, THEN IT SHOULD B OKAY FOR NON-MUSLIMS TO CLAIM THE SAME ABOUT MUSLIMS’ practices n dogmas TOO, INCLUDING (ESPECIALLY!!!) what has been written in their holiest scripture, the Quran, right?? u can claim to b offended/confused by what i say, y cant I CLAIM THE SAME??? that’s my point.

unless, “all malaysians r equal; but some malaysians r MORE equal than others”???????????????????????????

Believing in 'Islam' Would Make You Stupid and Vulnerable?