Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Lulu Wants To Do A Research On How Much You Are Paying Now That School Fees Have Been Abolished

RPK posted on Malaysia Today a letter from Dr Mohamed Rafick Khan bin Abdul Rahman revealing exactly what it means when our honourable and esteemed Prime Minister says that school fees has been abolished.
Amongst it are
  • Only the special Fees has been removed i.e. RM 4.50 for primary school and RM 9.00 for secondary schools
  • They have introduce new package charges under Co Curricular activities which is between RM2.00 to RM 5.00. It is quite obvious that most school will adopt the middle package which is RM 3.00
  • They also increase the "charges of Kertas Ujian Dalaman" from RM 5.00 to between RM 6 to RM8. Again I believe most schools will go for the middle package which is RM8.00
  • School sports day which was not charge previously is now being charge between RM6- RM10 which again I believe most schools will charge RM8.00
  • MSSM Fees is now increased from RM 0.50 to RM 2.00
It's kinda disgusting how the government
1. hoodwinks the rakyat on no more school fees.
Lulu can still recall how they rakyat applauded the move, not knowing that their savings was a mere RM4.50 / RM9.00.
2. that the government isnt allocating enough for schools [looks like it's a national issue, not just the national type schools and semi-government schools] that the schools have to charge these fees to cover the expenses.

Che Jaafar Che Man who blogs at Kuala Lumpur Is Home laments about having to pay RM 255.20 when he registered his daughter to school yesterday.
The parents at usj.com.my are also submitting in how much they have to pay.

Lulu wonders... are there any of Lulu's readers who are parents of school going children? Could you please email me whatalulu@gmail.com the details of the additional fees your children have to pay? If you could, the name of the school too?
If you could scan the school circular, that would be great!

And come elections, listen carefully to the promises the BN makes.
Dont be fooled by them again!


Anonymous said...

what do you expect from the same minister who waves his keris around during UMNO assemblies and dont dare to admit the real reason behind such acts? it is their culture, to hoodwink and to cheat. by the way, maybe we should ask who gets the monopoly to print security stickers for cigarettes. ask the keris waving guy, ok.

zorro said...

Lulu....bit late but still a contribution from a comment in my blog: