Friday, January 25, 2008

Lulu Thought This Was One Of Those Satire Thing

a friend forwarded this to Lulu
Accurate Info Centre To Tackle False Information: Zam
KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 24 (Bernama) -- The Information Ministry has set up an Accurate Information Reference Centre (Sahih) which will begin operations from Feb 1 to tackle the dissemination of false information, particularly in view of the coming general election, said its minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin.
He said the setting up of Sahih could ensure that only accurate and correct information were conveyed to the people using the existing technology.
"The availability of speedy technology has democratised information to the extent that the community or anyone could become a source of information and disseminate them speedily using the internet, special messaging service (SMS) and so on.
"These include false information which are purposely exploited by irresponsible groups for certain objectives," he said at a press conference at Angkasapuri, here Thursday.
He said the Sahih centre would disseminate the information through the hotline, e-mail and SMS DAPAT, sending them by `broadcast', through the `cell broadcast' and correct information subscription.
Using the hotline, e-mail and SMS DAPAT mechanisms, the public could contact the Sahih Centre via telephone number 03-22843114 (operating during office hours and 24 hours when Parliament is dissolved), facsimile 03-22822979, e-mail using the address and SMS at the address SAHIH_mesej (and send to) DAPAT (32728).
It sounds so ridiculous, Lulu thought it was a parody/satire. Afterall.... read any of the MSM and you'll know what Lulu means.
Then Lulu scrolled down, and the source was attributed to Bernama.
Lulu did a search on Bernama, and lo&behold, it's there!
Aiyoh.... what a joke, coming from Zamzam Alikazam!

Anyone wants to test out the system? The Thaipusam coverage at Batu Caves is an excellent place to start.


Anonymous said...

zam zam

such state propaganda was prevalent in communist russia. stop wasting taxpaer's money with all your right info sms. this is a democratic country and not a communist one.

carboncopy said...

Sahih Centre via telephone number 03-22843114 (operating during office hours and 24 hours when Parliament is dissolved),

24 hours when Parliament is dissolved? Abuse of rakyat's money!

I'll subscribe. :D

ycg said...

haha...zam would have his hands full scanning through his own propaganda news...hahahaha...

Old Fart said...

Based on the accurate information they will be sending me or posting on that site, can I make investment in stocks with the hope that should the investment not make me money, they will reimburse me my losses?

moo_t said...

They should use name such as
PROtocol PAcify GANDer Anonymous (PROPAGANDA)


Sharing said...

Accurate Information Reference Centre??
Finally the Information Ministry is going to provide "Accurate" Information
from Feb 1, 2008 onwards!!

So, in the past, Inaccurate Information were provided!!
A very "Diplomatic" way of confessing the Past?
Or a "Monopoly" way of providing "Accurate" information?
So, MSM and others can "officially" be centers of "inaccurate" information?

A UNMO version of "Emperor's New Clothes"?

Anonymous said...

Misinform misinformation minister of aisyalaM needs to set up a BRAND NEW Accurate Information Reference Centre (Sahih) with the TAX PAYER's money to counter the lies spew out via the Government - Lead Media, oso known as MSM.

stupid Zam has a brain 1 size smaller than an Ostrich.

Bernado G said...

This calls for some sinister moves.

1. SPAM the ZAMDIOT. Mobilise the mob to call this hotline until the call center give up their ghost.
2. Release Mail Bombs. Use Mail-Bombs to kill of their mail servers. How? Go figure. One way is to keep your email application open and send a mail (nonsense with large text) to the email address every 30seconds.
3. Send SMS about MSM. Send SMS to the SMS number all the false news from MSM.

You didn't here this from me.