Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lulu Thinks That The Fella Who Thought He Would Trash Fong Po Kuan But Kalah-ed Teruk DOES NOT Know What He Is Saying

26/1 Ka Chuan: Don’t politicise schools
29/1 Ong: DAP politicising school issue

26/1 Ka Chuan: Don’t politicise schools
29/1 Ong: DAP politicising school issue

26/1 Ka Chuan: Don’t politicise schools
29/1 Ong: DAP politicising school issue

26/1 Ka Chuan: Don’t politicise schools
29/1 Ong: DAP politicising school issue

26/1 Ka Chuan: Don’t politicise schools
29/1 Ong: DAP politicising school issue

saving the best for last,you seriously think they're working to get you more Chinese schools?
Shame on MCA for politicising the Chinese schools!
Shame on them that we have to wait for a school to close down somewhere before a new one can be build.
Shame on them for accepting the paltry sum given by the Education ministry and Finance ministry in spite of it being a Malaysian school which should be funded by the taxes Malaysians pay.
Shame on them that we have to raise millions and millions of ringgit ourselves to build these schools.
Shame on them!

to understand the background of the Star [think MSM, think Hartal MSM, think Bawa Balik Berita Benar ke Kampung]'s two reports, 26/1 Ka Chuan: Don’t politicise schools and 29/1 Ong: DAP politicising school issue, read Kula MP of Ipoh Barat's account here and here


thinking said...

Excellent piece of logical thinking and deductive investigating, Lulu! Well done!

Sharing said...

Real Chinese learn "Shame" starting from their very early age!
Shame even if not fair to the others or overriding the rules of nature!
Shame on bullies with praise to Gentlemen and much condemn on empty words.
Shame on those failing to behave oneself among family, society, a country and the world at large!

Anything MCA has demonstrated a bit of these Chinese Traditions or Education to have Shame when Duties have long been overdue not only to Chinese but Malaysian as a whole!

Where are fairness of Education and Tax payers' money go?
Are Chinese being priority?
It is not in the mind of Real Chinese but fairness for ALL!
MCA, has you practiced Fairness in Housing, Education, Transportation and every sections of your Duties to ALL?

MCA shames all Chinese when Fairness cannot be seen even on the very basic need of a society to grow!
What MCA should do never clear on their list
When little been done, it is in BOLD-TYPE or every chance to boost!

Don't take Chinese are fool!
MCA has obligations to each and every Malaysian!
Don't isolate Chinese out from Malaysian!!
Talking Chinese but not Malaysian is no wisdom of Chinese!
MCA, do you realize when a Chinese not acting as Chinese they are required as "Banana" so to speak?

moo_t said...

Actually MCA want to give Chinese more skrew, not school.

wits0 said...

Actually, I can't bear reading the mentioned MCA's driveling at all and I won't.

Lau Weng San said...

MCA Education Bureau Chief Senator Lee Sing Chooi has been demanding a list of contributions from the DAP in assisting the development of Chinese education in this country.

Well, my reply is that MCA is a rulng party which has the fullest control of all political resources in Malaysia. When taxed from the people are paid for them to manage, then it is their responsibility to do their job.

There's no way they should turn their head around and point fingers to the oppositions who control nothing to come out with "a list of contribution".

In doing so, it just shows that MCA silently admitting they are not really doing their jobs.

Sharing said...

Is MCA doing anything Fair at any of your Constituency?
LuLu, while you are so much concerned with Education, could you also make a concern on Housing and Town Planning? And, call for survey on each Constituency Concerned?

For Subang Jaya,

1) there is a missing of 58.3 ha of reserved land from the Subang Jaya project by Sime UEP since 1975 or 1977.
2) The Town Park (29.3ha) are still under private Title.
3) But, they are going to change by the Structural Plan
4) Even in the structural plan on P.62 of the second pdf file above are green belt for areas , such as the one between KTM and Subang Parades, MPSJ already approved Housing Projects and they are under construction.

So, the public reserved land and Town Park are under manipulation by MPSJ involving MCA Lee Hwa Beng


Anonymous said...

Yeah. I agreed very much with Lau Weng San. DAP role is to criticise and comment about MCA can deliver a new Chinese School or not. Ultimately we all still have to depend on MCA to solve the Chinese School problem. So I think I still will vote for MCA to make sure problem can be solved.

Anonymous said...

wasnt this fella who close the school in Damansara and relocate it to a less convenient place near Riana Tropicana. One has to see the massive traffic jam created.
Who's now eyeing the piece of golden real estate where the school used to stand? I can smell something fishy from far away.
thanks but no thanks, MCA.

juslo said...

could this happen???
i wouldnt bet against it…

Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong Declared a Muslim, Children ‘Disinherited’

Lau Weng San said...

I am not saying that we have to depend on MCA to build new schools. What I am saying is that it si the responsibility of any ruling party, who wins the mandate from the people, to deliver.

If they cannot deliver, why do we vote for them again?

Anonymous said...

almost vomit blood reading this

"So I think I still will vote for MCA to make sure problem can be solved"

so they can continue screw u, give u empty promise during errection every 5 yrs until u die n ur child and grandchild dun even have a chance to learn mother language izzit?

is ur brain relly function well as a human?

let me juz tell straight to ur face lar idiot..

if u are a taukeh, and u got a lazy fat machai who don't perform, will u continue give him $, wait for the day he 'suddenly' become hardworking??

OR u would rather fry him sotong and get a replacement, immediately???


Anonymous said...

u know what lulu,

it is so funny that this kinda rubbish news will ONLY come out every 5 yrs during errection time...then 5 NIL production yrs gone...then promise....then NIL production....n on n on....lagi fake than TVB series...

the even funnier thing is...ppl actually buy it..juz take a look at this IDIOT n u will get wat i mean

AlicesCat said...

Whilst MCA is talking about increasing the number of SJK(C)s in the urban areas, I hope MCA is also looking into increasing the number of qualified teachers for these schools.
Shortage of teachers, especially in SJK(C)s is a chronic situation, either by design or otherwise.
Is MCA addressing this shortage?
Tak ada gunanya kalau ada banyak sekolah, ada ramai murid murid tapi tak ada cikgu.

Pearls said...

It seems to me that MCA is shitting more than just bricks nowadays. With all these self glorifying news and ocassional dash of threats to the Chinese people in the press, it sure seem to me that MCA has started to panic... panic big time already! So, we shall all see when the election comes la.....

If MCA cannot deliver the numbers, I am not surprised BN will just kick MCA out! Afterall, who needs to be stuck to a party that cannot bring in the votes!? You say leh...

IhateMCADOGS said...

Well done MCA

for fifty years now, parents been queing up and been made to queue uo because oif lack of schools.

for the first time in fifty years, you have done something, fifty years is too long a wait for your feeble effort,

go die in peace, go die with dignity.

just go,

my vote will go to any independent candidate rather than to give to DIGS.

go lick your wound elsewhere.

go jump into any longkang while inspecting them.

just go.

die please so we might have buy elections.

wits0 said...

The MCA alone is reason enough to boycott theStar.