Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lulu Thinks The MaChAi Head Should Also Be Boo-ed boo-ed Youth08 for sending out an e-mail to all participants without hiding participants e-mail address, leaving total of 396 bloggers e-mails addresses exposed.

well, Lulu would like to boo the esteemed MaChAi-head for doing the same boo-boo.

On New Year's Day, close to 700 JPA scholars received an email from the esteemed MaChAi-head and the email addresses are all put in the open.
Check your mailbox to see if you got one of these.
From: MCA President <>
Date: Dec 31, 2007 6:22 PM
Subject: President's New Year's Message

you didn't get it?
ahh... you're not a Chinese JPA scholar.

this Perak chap who runs in Johor sends out an email to all the scholars without bcc-ing the names.
If Lulu were a viagra salesman who is concerned about your performance, this email list would be very valuable to Lulu.
If Lulu were a receipient of the mail, Lulu would have replied to everyone on copy minus the intelligent sender what Lulu thinks of the sender.
If Lulu were in one of her angins, Lulu could set up a Facebook group "We All Love The President" and invite all those 700 and more scholars to join the group to express their "love" for him.
That was a not very intelligent move by the MaChAi head.

Lulu didnt get to read the message, but a wild guess would be him trying to convince these scholars that they are indebted to MCA for their scholarship. Like as if MCA had anything to do about it when straight A's students get scholarships from the government.

And while Lulu's at it, why was MCA given this list? If/When the Data Protection Act comes into place, will MCA still have access to these lists?


Chong Zhemin said...


Thanks for the alert. I just read the email. Really a stupid act of him. The email list is even longer than the new year greetings. Dunno what the guy sending email is thinking.

denzook said...

apparently mca still got appeal from many ppl:

Shawn Tan said...

Surprisingly, my JPA friends didn't get the email. I'd be interested to know how many scholars he actually sent it out to.

Sharing said...

NST telling how MCA can fascinate Youth to Politic without talking Politics but paintball?
But finally fascinated by MCA assemblymen into knowing leaders?
Really cute!!

They could have been fully occupied by the paintball so no time of knowing "leaders" via research or just a surf over the net, such as the flip flop of Lee Hwa Beng
A Town-park Title mistakenly in Private hand not to surrender but to gazette (meaning the State has to buy back!)

OKT, a minister of Abandon Housing Projects,
A minister of local Government manipulating on Solid-Waste Treatment
A minister with 3 bias Acts to run Housing but more problems than Singapore with only 1 Act.

Any MCA members, please talk performance when talking any leadership to the Youth!!

Anonymous said...

The Housing minister and so-called Local Govt Minister is completely impotent on two major counts.

Firstly, OKTing failed to protect housebuyers from crroked developers. Even if the housebuyers successfully bought the house, this minister failed them by not ensuring the land titles are issued, many developers disappeared and the whole company under the care of Danaharta. Now many housebuyers have difficulty selling their houses cos' without such titles. For years on end, this minister and also previous ministers of this Housing portfolio failed miserably.

Secondly, this minister also failed to handle local councils, often pushing the blame or ball to the state government. Corruption and inefficiency rule the day while these council napoleans formulated bullying policies and rule the municipal and city like warlords. This is the MCA minister who failed in his duties while he gloriously played publicity to the tilt to woo support from voters. JPA students, chinese education, enlisting professionals as these gullible segments sucked up to his forked tongue rhetorics.