Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lulu Thinks Its Time To Start "Ops Bawa Berita Balik Kampung" - A Companion of PP's Boycott The Newspaper

Haris and Helen launched the Boycott the Newspaper in response to the lies and untruths that the media has been spreading to the public who pays the mainstream media [MSM] good money for real news but end up with dressed up propoganda and one sided news.
It has relentlessly shaped public opinion to be favourable to BN’s vested interests, and conversely detrimental to our own as tax-paying rakyat.
Their unconscionable spin on recent shows of public disaffection – the Batu Burok episode, then the Bar Council, Bersih & Hindraf marches, protests against the Election Commission and earlier demos against toll hikes, petrol prices & rising costs – puts them firmly beyond the pale.

Remember two elections ago and the despicable campaign that MSM carried out against the Reformasi movement. Remember how they vilified the attempt of PAS and DAP to work together. Through their false representation, MSM helped retain BN in power and so we get the government we thoroughly deserve.
- Helen Ang

First round payback was launched via People's Parliament.
Lets launch the second assault on [or is it defense against?] the BN and MSM.

Chinese New Year is 16days away.
Most of us Malaysians are going back to our hometowns as it is a long weekend. Time to bring the kids home to spend time with the grandparents, and time for us to catch up with our parents and siblings.
Let's also bring real news home. Bring real news back to our folks whose main source of information is from the print press.

Start compiling a piece of news everyday. Search Malaysiakini, MalaysiaToday, Merdeka Review. Look around the blogs.
It doesnt have to be just articles. Malaysiakini has an excellent video archive which you could download.
Youtube, Zam's unfavourite channel, is also a rich source of information.
Flikr has quite a large compilation of photos.

For the next 16 days, take ><15 minutes to look around the net to see what you want to take home. Print the articles. Download videos and pictures. Burn them into CDs PAS style. Let Lulu start the ball rolling
1. Bersih - multiple blogposts, pictures and videos
2. Hindraf - undemonising Hindraf via Tony Pua's personal account of Ganabathirau and JeffOoi's pictoral of Batu Caves, the crimescene where 26 people were charged for murder
3. Wasteful, unaccountable spending reported by the AG
4. What manner of justice aka Lingamgate
Lulu's sure you can come up with a much better list than this Lulu

Think of things which are relevant to your folks.
You understand your target market the best.
Customise it to their needs and interest.
So how? You game?
Help Lulu spread the word via your blog and forums.


denzook said...

reminds me lks brought his gang burnt the star papers in the 90s.......

Sharing said...

Ministry by Ministry everyone can see a lot
The result of power sharing among parties in BN making accountability, transparency, legitimacy at great lost
People with Grievances with nowhere to solve
Last resort towards judiciary even worse
When Bar goes political, bulky lawyers are out of their sight!
They made things politics than Law!
They only care about Politics for powers and not for Rights or Wrong!
They care for People only when time for a Vote!
They forget Human Rights depending on a Fair EC to work
They forget Human Rights are to respect People they need to serve and not at mercy of any councilor involved!
Or even under ISA anyway they like to dispose!
They forget Natural Resources, Land , Road and even Water are to be shared by the People
and not by Petronas, Developers, Toll or Concessionaires with Agreement under OSA!
They forget all the Basic Ground for People to whom the country they have a Share!!

They have been in POWER that make them even can sleep through all their posts!

Rallies or Walks entertained by Riot Police with Water Cannons & Teargas!!
Seeing no People but POWER they thought they will never lost!!

People with a heart and soul
Tell them to get lost with your Votes!!
Malaysia is for every Malaysian
not because of Race or Religion that BN have practiced to divide!
Those without credibility should go!!

Only those to respect and practice Human Rights should welcome with a Vote!!

shar101 said...


There's more coming up at TPP. Will reply to your e-mail later and let you know what's brewing. Target date - 28/01/08.

Yow said...

Totally agree with this movement.

There's so much alternative news out there, that is if you consider the mainstream ones are still news and not govt propagandas.

I've already boycotted The Stars (print version) for many years and has only recently stopped my subscription to The Star Online altogether :-)