Saturday, January 05, 2008

Lulu Thinks It's Such A Thoughtful and Apropriate Gift

a pillow and bolster
for our sleeping PM.
maybe Lulu should get him a face towel to wipe of the drool.


Sharing said...

Life is tough!
So sleep has not been enough
with meditation to make up!

Rakyat have many dreams!
So PM needs to experience dreaming
to see why they have to be done!
To change posts so as to hope for different dreams to come!
But dreaming also tough!
PM cannot get dreams of education, employments, food, petrol, house or police to guard!!

Hope the Pillows and Bolster will help further search!
To allow PM to continue with the dreams he was urged!
Any other posts to be tried, please forward!

Anonymous said...

Lulu need not get him a face towel to wipe of the drool... Darlin' Jeen has already done that