Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Lulu Thinks Hell Hath No Fury

like that of a woman scorned like that of politicians with too much time.

The way they're sending the police all over Batu Pahat to hunt down people in possession of the DVD Pemimpin Politik Yang Terlanjur dan Selalu Sewa Bilik Yang Sama
The way they deploy policemen to conduct road blocks to protect the city from people who love the country and have tried many means to speak to the goverment

Lulu is amazed at how the politicians are using the policemen
It's really really sick considering what our crime rates are like, as highlighted by Malaysiakini.

These are the percentage increases for a selected breakdown of crimes in 2007:
Rape - 3,177 cases (+29.5%)
Outraging modesty - 2,320 (+12.4%)
Night-time home break-in - 24,440 (+21.7%)
Day break-in - 9,159 (+4.2%)
Motorcycle theft - 67,854 (+3.2%)
Car theft - 12,427 (+11.4%)
Snatch theft - 11,127 (+0.5%)
Other theft - 44,617 (+5.1%)
Rioting - 2,608 (+13.8)

yup, time to vote them out.


Anonymous said...

Nowadays only two things can piss me off-our PM and the police. To see them in same piece of news double the fury.

what has Badawi been doing one whole year last year? The people's voices expressing concern for the rising crime rates has reached heaven and only NOW he's worried? Do we really some dumbass like Badawi to lead the country?

denzook said...

you know what the statistic says, it means pdrm needs christopher wan back ? or maybe not .......

Angry Taxpayer said...

As is with the rest of our civil servants.....they only carry out tasks that are easy and does not require much effort....

wits0 said...

Angry Taxpayer, glad to see you too detect that lazy trend(leading to unjustness)of governance. It's been around a very very long time and is very prevalent. This can only worsen as more skepticism is induced within the public as a result of entrenched elitist practices.

Anonymous said...

Damn squatters these police don`t have the spunk to pick up the main actor. Disgraceful, disgusting, and corrupted.

Anonymous said...

The police are hunting down the tapes because a VVIP is starring in them!
I also believe that this VVIP is also worried that as more and more people viewed these tapes, they will be even more disillusioned with the type of leaders they had elected.
Who knows, he may say that he is not interested in politics anymore but may flip flop as BN elite are wont to do.

team bsg said...

you will be da best of the best if you could always end with

" do not vote BN "

a National Service for time immemorial , and the greatest gift you can give to the nex Malaysian generation

Mushrooms::Arise said...

Dear Lulu, am using your "No to BN" image on me blog. Hope you don't mind. Will remove if you do.
Say "Tak Nak" to BN this time around.

Anonymous said...

lulu, best we stick a third finger to the shit corrupt police. now, they are going after contributors to HINDRAF. Tony, are those contributors to your colleague in DAP be handcuffed?

Sharing said...

Police! Police!
You are tired
and so do we!
We relax after our sweats and airs been released!
Those wounds will recovery quick
as we sleep with no regret!

You triumph with Water Cannons and Teargas!
Your boots, batons and shields took our souls or even blood.
Can you sleep?
Or have to fall asleep even in the street?

Can you sleep when PM is aslep?
PM forgets you cannot fall asleep while in the Street!!
PM forget you are human not to oppress so to feel bad and not even slept!
To understand it is devil to take peaceful People into a mess!

As Human, we sympathize you!
Do you have sympathy on us?

wits0 said...

If the cops were to just crack down on DVD sellers there remain still a remote possibility that they're interesting in finding out who actually was the blackhand behind humsup Ah Lek's downfall. But threatening to search from door to door for the DVDs prove that this is definitely not the intention. There is therefore no sincere handling of the situation!

Anonymous said...

kill chicken warn monkey...u ...u...u..u know...v have errection...v can't let ppl see the truth in ..the...the..the video...v are no no no lazy...v go house to house...u know!

Anonymous said...

Eh, this is completely off-topic. I'm currently a student abroad, and I realize it is time to exercise my democratic right to contribute to the process of a change of regime in our country.

Would you happen to know how one can register to vote while one is overseas? I scoured the web for info, but I didn't manage to turn up anything. I tried contacting the embassy but I did not receive any response.

If there is some way for you to get that information (since you are in Malaysia and all - and you're probably in contact with people in the know), perhaps you could consider doing all overseas students a public service by writing a blogpost publicizing information on how they can register to vote.... and perhaps also persuading other bloggers (like Jeff Ooi) to do the same?


Anonymous said...

hi oversea anon,

gone thru this similar question in MT before, and the answer given by the readers was tat, we CANT vote in oversea, not even in embassy, so the only way is

PLS fly back and vote

lucia said...

yep say no to BN! i made a post about this and had the 'say no to BN' banner permenantly on my sidebar.

the police should go all out to reduce crimes like catching the kg. baru molester instead!!