Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ever Since Lulu Saw The Video, This Tune's Been Haunting Her

Doesnt he, with the silly cap and his silly responses with the whatchacallthose tress in the background plus his interest in goats make you think of a simple goatherd in the alps?

haiyoh... ever since then, the tune and the yodle-ing has been sticking on to Lulu's little head.
and in case you wanna sing along with Lulu whilst watching the silly man [video here], here are the lyrics.

High on a hill was a lonely goatherd
Layee odl, layee odl, lay-ee-o
Loud was the voice of the lonely goatherd
Layee odl layee odloo
Folks in a town that was quite remote heard
Layee odl, layee odl, lay-ee-o
Lusty and clear from the goatherd's throat heard
Layee odl, layee odloo

Oho laydee odl lee-o,
oho laydee odl lay
Oho laydee odl lee-o,
hodl odl lee-o-ay


wits0 said...

He simply copy cat Mahathir style of taking pictures with the hats and caps of various places. But unlike wolfish M, he always look half asleep.

vince said...

Lulu, I'll let you do the suprano yoodling bit, I'll just fill in the *cough* *cough* part....hahahahah

Anonymous said...

that's what i like about lulu. serious but can be very funny at times.

keep it up lulu.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...they going to fire his publicity agent after your review. whispering9

Anonymous said...

Old MacDoelah had a farm
Ee i ee i o
And on his farm he had lotsa goats
Ee i ee i o
With a mekmek here
And a mekmek there
Here mek, there mek
Everywhere mekmek
Old MacDoelah had a farm
On the fourth floor

Anonymous said...

no he didnt look like a goatherd..

its juz..

put on the dragon gown but don;t look like a king

u get wat im saying?
an old ahpek trying to put on trendy stuff but look exactly like a kolot ahpek?

wat im saying?

Jacsoho said...

haha..Oho laydee odl lee-o,
hodl odl lee-o-ay...haha..I can't stop laughing when i read this post..keep it up, lulu!

Sharing said...

Finally he has to answer what are concerned not only by Malaysian but the World at large!
He cannot be angry (to be diplomatic) as he was away from "HOME"
to behave a little bit like a goat?
At least he got the message that Hindraf is of great concern by the World
The Rallies cannot be hidden even with MSM in his pockets.
Everyone knows at least he will worry if Anwar should be allowed to GE!

Flip-flop flip-flop ended his show to the World!!
Can he earned any credit from this show?

Anonymous said...

So that's where the old geezer went to get his monthly fix of Botox!