Thursday, January 03, 2008

Lulu Hopes Samy Vellu's 15,000 Will Be Well Paid

When Samy Vellu organises a gathering of 15,000 Indians aimed at explaining struggles, achievements and challenges confronting the community, it's called nation building and staying united in a multiracial and multireligious country.

When Hindraf organises a gathering of 30,000 Indians plus Uncle Zorro, EWoon and NatTan, the cops first charges them with sedition, then just with a stroke of the PM's pen, puts them away under ISA.

Are you disgusted? Lulu is. Terribly, terribly disgusted.
Lulu just hopes that MIC pays the 15,000 attending very well, provide them transport and hotel stay cos from what Lulu heard, Batu Caves is not available for overnight stay.

Update 5:57pm from the Star
“It is also to send a loud and clear message to the opposition that the Indian community will always stand solidly behind Barisan Nasional,” he said in a statement.
Lulu's not sure about the Indian community standing solidly behind BN. Based on the Hindraf forums which Lulu attended, Lulu's not even sure if MIC members are standing solidly behind BN either as there were some MIC members who took the mike and spoke up against Samy Vellu and the BN, pleading with us never to vote BN again.


Anonymous said...

15,000 only ah? sak samy to open his tap and purse string lah, then increase the attendance to 150,000 as show of massive support.
samy, its a disgrace with this low number lor. hindraf, no money, no political support and organisation structure, no thugs, yet it can garner 30,000 people. and that under wiegth of intimidation and threats by the police; and of course hundreds were herded like animals into batu caves before being sprayed by the very same police that is supposed to protect them.
samy, i am sure you will get a permit for this gathering. afterall, the police's current main role is to protect crooks, criminals and ruling party politicians rather than uphold law and order without fear and favour.
by the way, samy please charter enough buses to transport your spporters else i will complain to the police that your meeting wil create traffic congestion. this is a good enough excuse that a permit wll be denied. but then again, i guess there is a separate set f rules and laws for people like you.

ycg said...

Cannot la. this gathering will be a national threat. heck, with semi-value there, i'm sure there will be a riot with the crowds aiming their multi-range of projectiles at the bugger. But being a true Malaysian that i am, i'll probably pay a visit just to contribute a few dozen of rotten eggs and oohhh probably throw a few myself. :P

I suggest PM ISA the bugger immediately or i will call the MSM to grovel about my loss of business income and the death of my goldfish. I'm gonna lose millions because of him! For semi-value and the like of him, i will incur the public wrath by calling for ISA. Dollah, the public has spoken, quickly sign the detention form...err...Dol...wake up DOL!! I'm sure someone will help me to conjur up another Damai with billions and billions of members.

denzook said...

nah, the 15,0000 come down voluntarily to express their support to mic - government party. 15,000 support gov, of course gov must welcome in open arms. why must provide transport/hotel when they are volunteer..

denzook said...

nah, the 15,0000 come down voluntarily to express their support to mic - government party. 15,000 support gov, of course gov must welcome in open arms. why must provide transport/hotel when they are volunteer..

Sharing said...

An Open Letter to Sam!
Did you get the Police Permit for the event?
How can you do this and no one else can?
What are the terms and conditions of the permit and the event?
Please let others have the same to work the same "Good Citizen" as You in this Bolehland!

For security sake, don't forget Water Cannon and Teargas!
Any road block again?
Important to remove all the bricks!
Put CCTV on all cars
or AG will have problem in charging those if damaging the cars!

Or, All participants should pass through scan and have name tags?
So no suspect for Police using Water Cannon and Teargas!
No more Plain-cost
or damage cannot be claimed without uniform on!

Hindraf had no allowance or any expense claimed?
Are you doing the same?
Or, budget you have to meet what expense?

Nevertheless, Jan 20 is for BN & PM
Please remember to send them the bills in any event!
Or, courtesy of MIC?
This one, will any inflation as usual?

If 15,000 to support BN and PM!
How about the last Bersih and Hindraf walks?

Don't forget to have their IC and names on the list
The real support are their walk in the GE and not Jan 20!!
Or, 15,000 could be reported as 1,500!
Or, you have problem in proving 15,000 or more!

Number wise, you have casted a terrible lost!!
15,000 to 50,000 or 40,000 or even 90,000 for both!
Or prove that it was 4,000 each and no more!!
You know what you will be showing??

Can you show how many Hindus in the coming 15,000?
So, some Hindus had turned their course?
Nevertheless, how about the balance 25,000 if coming 15000 are all Hindu at a wild guess?

Are you sure no ISA for you after ISA?
For your own sake,
get a declaration from PM as he is the one to sign the ISA!!

Anonymous said...

I just heard that the police had denied police permit for the 'small' (200) gathering at Dataran Merdeka as it will cause 'traffic jams'.

I hope that for Semi Value's gathering of 15,000 everyone will go there on foot so as not to cause traffic jams of the same magnitude as the 200's gathering.

Will the police be shutting down KL again for Semi Value's gathering? Surely the lapdog from Bukit Bintang is going to protest!

Savendera said...

There is rumours in J/Bharu,
branch chairmans are hurring to
recruit indians.They have been
told one branch to recruit one
bus load and also assured of
RM100 per person c/w foods all the way.
Anyway the Tangkak police officer
who stopped our bus for hind meet
and diverted back (a freindly indian)I am going to call him,
wheather he his going to stop
this gang.

Anonymous said...

Fake hair Semi Value's days as Indian community top leader is definitely numbered, most Indians I talked to are whacking him centre ,left ,right............

Anonymous said...

dr chicken from BB wouldnt complain. he will hold a press conference and praise samy for the additional business generated by the busloads of MIC supporters from outstation. thats what chickens do, aint it?

myop101 said...

i think they are using the cheras badminton stadium. i wonder why the police will still approve for the 15K show of support when cheras is already facing terrible traffic jams on daily basis.

perhaps 15K will reach there via helicopters and parachutes? i hope they will all fly down with jalur gemilang attached to them...

azlina kadir said...

I heard from my indian friends that they are going to boo down samamy as he is about to speak, if at all he dares to speak, same applies to any vvip there.
Also, Thaipusam at batu caves will be fun to watch, NO police pemit needed mah !

Anonymous said...

azlina kadir

i look forward to the forthcoming thaipusam. samy will show up with his entourage of protectors? and his ears will be plugged with cotton so that it will be deaf to all he boos?
interesting time ahead, isnt it?