Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lulu Hopes Justice Tempered With Mercy Will Prevail

I’ve put up this banner in support of the call for the release of Dr Basmullah who was jailed for not registering his clinic in accordance with the PHSFA.

Dr Basmullah Yusom, a family practitioner, is the first victim of this legislation. He was sentenced despite not having legal counsel representing him, despite pleading for leniency (he had wanted to sell the clinic anyway and is in financial trouble) and as he could not pay the hefty RM 120,000 fine, he is now in Kajang prison.
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The ex-Health Minister had promised that the Act would be used only against Bogus doctors and Bogus clinics. The doctors were told, "you good guys don't have to worry. we will go after the bad guys ". Yet, we now see that legitimate licensed APC holding medical practitioners are now targeted.
And some background to the consultations and assuarances given to the doctors by the MOH here


denzook said...


Dr. Zhivago said...

I totally didn't get it when so many people felt sorry for Chua Soi Lek after he was forced to resign. I don't know why everyone was waxing lyrical about his contributions. That philandering dirty old bastard just made life more difficult for docs. Take this stupid Act for example. Another example of that toad's
"contributions" is the extension of housemanship to 2 years!

I still celebrate the day he was forced out of office and I hope he dies of shame and embarrasment so that I can go dance on his grave. It's a pity that he wasn't shamed before he did all this harm.

Soi Lick, if you're reading this, may your prostate grow to the size of a pomelo.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with Zhivago...hope CSL gets struck down by an MI while being high on Viagra with the ambulance is still trying to locate a petrol station.

But the immediate villain of the piece for the jailing of this literally poor GP has to be the judge ....Kamala Suppiah. Unless this sorry excuse for a judge didnt read the Act at all..she would have realised that

1. The Act was vague
2. The GP wanted to sell it and had no reason to apply for registration
3. He didnt own the clinic
3. He was registered with the MMC
4. Had a valid APC
5. First time offender
6. Had no counsel
7. Pleaded guilty expecting some clemency

But being a Malaysian judge she had left her brain at home before turning up for the case.

Judge Suppiah is a well known pembodek for the BN and is hoping to make it to Federal Court by next year ..with or without the help VK Lingam.....

Anonymous said...

judge did it isnt it? now, he is well known. yeah, go bodek and surely the promotion chances are better.

by the way, what has the medical fraternity done for him? not a squeak or is there a instructed black-out on MSM?

Dr. Zhivago said...

Don't expect the MMC to speak out for the docs. They are just there to suck up to the gov. It consists of the Health Minister, DG and all the med school deans. So don't expect anything from those losers. The MMA unfortunately doesn't have much power to do much. How I wish we could call for massive strikes to force them to repeal that idiotic law!

You know the best way to protest? Get your MRCP, MRCS, MRCOG and whatever qualification and run off to another country. Let the health system here go to ruin. Let all their brilliant "doctors" from Russia, Indonesia, Ukraine, Jamaica and Timbuktu work here. I'm sure they are more than capable *barf*

What A Lulu said...

if you follow the thread given, the doctors are doing something. not much, as they are not as "organised" as the bar council, but they seem to be note of the situation.

hmm... maybe a doctor's march next?

wits0 said...

CSL wasn't even a medical doctor but an overhyped and arrogant psychologist/politician from the MCA Johor. He has been appointed now as advisor. Wonder what he'll be advising? How to Serve Man like the Twilight Zone's Kanamit?

Sharing said...

Licensing are new Gold Mine for BN!
It applies to nearly all!
Forwarding Agent
Car Park
Courier Services
Vehicle Services/Workshop
Professional Engineer
Surveyor/Valuer/Appraiser/Estate Agent
Night Club
Dance Hall (Disco)
Health Centre
Public House and Beer House
Private Club
Golf Course and Golf Driving Range
Private Hospital
How many different kind of fee each service has to paid?
Where has all the oil money gone?
or other Taxes gone?
or Cash no more?
That's why they are after every possibility of Fee?

Malaysian are goats with necks stacking out for any knife that appears?
Or adapted to Vampire to say not even a word?
Any of these services will take UNMO/BN any more?

Any reason why inflation should not be Up?

denzook said...

this is not doctor health issue but conspiracy against keadilan member. election is coming, so locking keadilan behind bar will stop him from campaigning. who knows whether this will backfire for keadilan to gain sympathy votes....

Dr. Zhivago said...

actually, wits0, that moron CSL, surprisingly, graduated as a medical doc from UM. But, unsurprisingly, he served his compulsory gov time and worked as some lame-ass GP before going into politics. Almost like that uncultured old ape Lim Keng Yaik.

wits0 said...

He was also in psychiatry. Remember tricky Radovan Karadzic, anyone?

"He stated that his biggest mistake was to use the same hotel and the same room.[5]"

Suggesting itthat was his modus operandi and not his first deed! Most arrogantly unrepentant creep.

nckeat88 said...

Dr. Zhivago, perhaps you should be the 1st one to move out Malaysia if you are not stratified or even change your citizenship.

pink panther said...

I think more then Zhivago, Chua Soi Lek and maybe Merican should be sent off to the Gulag for the good of all Malaysians.......CSL is incorrigible....and will never learn.......he can walk around free....while a helpless doctor languishes in jail......where do these guys like Chua or Merican graduate from....geez....they certainly seem to have an attitude problem.....