Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lulu Helps ACA officer Chuah Lay Choo
Lingam couldn't remember his mobile phone numbers.
ok. Fair enough, he doesnt go around calling himself.
Well, Lulu wants to be helpful. Help Mdm Chuah, the Royal Commission and all Malaysians to bring back some integrity to the Malaysian Judiciary system.
Fine. He can't remember them.
Well, they could call up his PA.
Any PA worth his/her salt should have the records of all his boss's number. How can a PA not have his boss's number?
If he doesn't know it, then erhm... up to you to reach your own conclusion/


Anonymous said...

Coret coret, Lingam may not have need to call himself but his PA surely should have a complete list of his so many prepaid phone numbers (Funny right?I mean fishy.Is ACA sleeping or what?)

There is another approach suggested here:-

Damocles said...

Lulu, as far as I'm concerned, you're the brightest spark in my room!!

wits0 said...

Prepaid h/p not assigned with fixed numbers?! They're certainly, within the active period! Everyone knows that.

Why would a normal person keep chamging his account or supply a non valid, expired number to his contacts?

moo_t said...

Prepaid number are fixed. Unless the person buy a new sim card!

This ACA officer are stupid , confirmed!

Michael Sun said...

Looks like Lulu can be the next ACA boss.

She is non so lulu after all.

Sharing said...

Joke after Jokes!
The report of 3-man panel not on the note.
ACA, Police, no Report?
Bar Council, where is your Disciplinary board?

RCI not come to do ACA, Police and DB's jobs!!
But to see firstly if at least these three had done their jobs!
Then, to added if needed!

The authenticity of the Tape still not fixed?
So the 3-man panel had been fooling around?
so this 6 could mean will double-fooling around?

What are the tasks and job Outline of RCI?
Who should do or share the job?
Taking all People be fools in all respects?

How many Departments and Officers and related parties not doing the Job?
PM, are you trying to have more of your Departments and Officers pants down under your appointed RCI?
Where are your pants, Mr PM?

Anonymous said...

Chua Soil Lek will be thanking his lucky stars today if he, like Lingam, "forgot" the number of his regular room (Room 1301) and chose another room on that fateful day

Pearls said...

This Lingam thing is a circus la... I really don't understand why in the blinking hell are we wasting time, money over this matter! Why ah?? You mean we can still rectify the scenario ah? For goodness sake la! Everybody and animal in that Lingam circus ring act has either retired or move on in life.... Sigh..

Ok la, to say that this Lingam circus act is to establish the fact that such things did take place, is acceptable la... But after establishing this fact, what then? Strip the judges involved of their retirement benefits and robes and shame them to their graves like what happened to CSL? If yes, than by all means, DO IT!

Dont come and tell me that after establishing the fact that such wheeling and dealing there will be nothing... no severe punishment, no acknowledgement, no accoutability, no re-trial for cases that is indirectly or directly handled by these bunch of animals, no nothing but perhaps a few more ISO 9005 standard operating procedures steps put in place and I can tell you, most of the time, these stupid so call steps will have so many loopholes that a fatso might just breeze thru these holes!

As for this ACA officer who cannot get Lingam's mobile phone number right or at all, I think this officer needs to be sacked. Aiyah, no need to tell where/how to get the number la. How hard can it be!??? HOW!?? So no brain, don't work only la! Waste time, waste tax payers' money!

purpleflower said...

aiya lulu, you're so smart!!! i guess that's why you're not in the police force or aca...


wits0 said...

It appears clearly that the police and ACA don't need smart ppl, only compliant and conforming sorts. That goes for other public services too.