Monday, January 07, 2008

Lulu Hates It When The Rich And Narrow Minded Speak

Lulu does not mind the rich. Wouldn't even mind marrying one, but when the rich and narrow-minded speaks, it gets Lulu kinda upset.

Latest rich and narrow-minded to speak is our PM's over privileged son-in-law.

Parents have been advised not to “privatise” the duty of raising their children to third parties as the move will result in lack of attention and the kids easily falling prey to social ills.

Does Khairy not know that, especially in the Klang Valley, it is very difficult to survive on a single income? Parents have to make the difficult choice of sending their children to the baby sitter, leaving them with the maid or subcontracting the task to the grandparents.

Then again, how would Khairy know considering that neither he [his father in law did tell us that nasty people (was it DrM?) caused his son-in-law to menganggur] nor his wife work.

Life for common folks like us is so, so different compared to his idealistic and idle-istic one.

And he doesn't stop there.

“The government has done a lot for education (in this country). Can’t they afford to contribute a sum to the school to help the parent-teacher associations?” he asked.

'o sweet Khairy, the answer to your question is there are a lot of parents who can't afford it. Does he not know how much the "a sum to the school" comes up to? Can you imagine what a nightmare it is for parents with 5 school children when the school term starts?

Lulu would think that education is the government's responsibility. There is no cop-out on that.

How would he know? His father was in the foreign mission, and his education was paid as part of the job package. They never had to worry about "trivial" matters like these.

rich and narrow minded... are you shuddering like Lulu is right now at the thought of his intention to lead the country?

Please do something about it in the coming elections. Put your "X" on any box other than the one with the dacing. The dacing is grossly unbalanced. Some people are growing too fat and heavy.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Khairy on this.
High cost of living, yadda, so what?
If you can't afford children, dun have kids or expect your in-laws to baby-sit.
I believe Khairy made a very responsible statement and parents should not treat children like some lifestyle accessories just to fit in with their peers, or something to give them "meaning" to their lives.
Parents should be responsible for their children.

Unprivilaged but honest said...

Great post Lulu.
What a downright hypocrite the SIL is.
He was educated overseas, his offspring(s) no doubt will follow the same path.
He is unfit and unqualified to speak, even on behalf of his wife, about education in Malaysia.
Shut up Khairy, no one is listening to your bovine excreta (bullshit to us common folks).
Yes, dear voters, vote for any opposition party, do not vote for the BN.

ycg said...

Jed - as much that you would like to believe, not everyone in Malaysia earn a decent/more than decent living like yourself. While you are pondering on whether to migrate/not, ppl like myself are are fighting an uphill battle to put food on the table. With the rising cost of essential items, many would find it increasingly difficult to do so. There are many Malaysians who are still earning less than RM800/month living in KL! Go explain to them that they cant have kids because they could not afford it! pls, do Khairy this favour before you go.

Oh, on another note, there are many in-laws that would have no problems in helping out their son/daughter to raise their does not mean that we expect them to...but we respect that they did. I would have done the same to my grandson/daughters.

Funny i did not see your comment on the additional school fees which is also in this topic.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jed Yoong!

Why am I not surprised to read your comment? Afterall you do own a Barisan Nasional group at Facebook.

Seriously, I am offended that you think people should stop having children just because they cannot afford it! And, please I don't know anyone in my real life who has kids for accessories.

Frankly, its people like you who get me upset. Your double (trouble?) tongue flows with Christian scriptures when it wants and idiotic remarks (like the one here) at another time.

God created a man and a woman and told them to go forth and multiply (well didn't He?). I have been trying to have a child for the past 10 years. Hubby and I are not rich people and yes if we have kids, we will need to get proper care for the child. But I know I will make a good mother and my husband will be a good father to the child. Reading your comment just made me feel terribly sad. Simply because now I know there are idiots even amongst the so-called "informed" and educated crowd.

Anonymous said...

.........Life for common folks like us is so, so different compared to his idealistic and idle-istic one.........

Besides idealistic and idel-istic ; IDIOTIC too !

yok hoong said...

walau, only the rich has the right to have children, lor. what to do. no need to work and still can afford big cars and i-pod and i-phone. so, can talk cock.
dude like us, better have no children coz both of us have to work in our endeavour to give our children the little extra.
life sucks isnt it unless you are in the same league as khairy.

Sharing said...

I would put it as Absent-minded or absence of eyes or soul!
A speaker with wisdom will think carefully what he is going to speak
especially what had been in his previous speeches.
Not a lot of dots
but a full clear picture to talk
with logic and realities in stock!

Obviously he had not been in many people's shoes
as he is only talk out of his own shoes
inherited, spoiled and heartless shoes?

He had complained Malay are poorer than the rest
as he does not even aware Malay got more children than the rest
and Government only care about the vote
and not how much they have for their cook
and Parent may even have no time to cook
or those kids miss parenthood!

These are life to be understood before anyone can yell
or any fair word be held!

He forget people are in hell
because any ignorance can be politician to yell!

Yelling too much and loud are Noise in fact!
Surely People will more eager to turn off
and turn their back!
No more audience to take!

kaki.ayam said...

"..If you can't afford children, dun have kids or expect your in-laws to baby-sit..."

The fact that people out there cannot afford to have children, and in many cases a child speaks volume of the inability of the gov to manage the country and provide for the rakyat.

What a irresponsible comment from you , JED! It is the natural instinct and human inclinations to have offspring.

Just take a look at a typical family who only has at most 2 children. They need to budget at least 1K per child per month!

So what has the gov do about it? These are some of the critical issues affecting the life of malaysians and the useless BN gov does nothing to elevate that. Has the gov help in establishing more nursery or old folks home? Has the gov given any subsidies to these parents so as to ease their burdens? The bloody gov can't even ease our transportation needs!!!!

I work as an engineer earning 3K per month. Answer me JED, is that enough to sustain a family if my wife is not working? Is it enough for me to pay for my house and car installment? Is it enough for me to send at least a few hundred riggit to my parents back in hometown since they are not working? So if a grad like me are not able to do that, what other options do I have? Don't start a family, you say?

While we don't expect much from the gov, but at the very least don't burden us with the ever increasing tolls, living cost and on top of that, chide us for passing our responsibility to others?

Ask any working parents out there what do they wish the most....and trust me, they would want to spend their time with their children, to send them to school, the receive them when they come back from school, to cook for them, to teach them and finally to see them grow up.

JED, pls be fair with your comments.

Anonymous said...

"no money kah....dun gib birth lar"

"no more oil kah....dun eat tat much oil lar"

"no satisfy kah...keluar dari sini lar..."

ya ya ya...correct correct correct...


Lingam Tape => good job whistle brower ;)

hamsap ahpek => tangkap the whistleblower....tangkap tangkap tangkap >-O


shiver said...

jed yoong, you are really something else, facebook barisan nasional group founder eh? what is the group total now? 8 or 9? since two left or something right? geez..

anyway, my brother is working on his own, earns no fixed income, wife has a job earns RM2k, they have two kids, 1 and 3 years old. they have a house to pay, car to pay, and they cant afford a maid so they let my parents and his in laws take care of the toddlers.

please come down from your high pedestal and see how middle income, oops i mean there IS NO middle income earners anymore here.

you must be waiting for your immigration papers to go to somewhere else. this one, no one cares.

just have a heart of your fellow malaysians and not just one person who happens to need not work cause his daddy is the PM.

grow up.

whispering9 said...

Geezz...I can ignore what KJ said (especially, if he is talking about the Mat Rempits) but the 'If you can't afford children, dun have kids or expect your in-laws to baby-sit' comment takes the cake. The way I observed, it is usually the very rich folks who can afford it...have sploit and over pampered kids. JY, you should give the parents and kids more credit than that narrow comment.

Pearls said...

Yah la!!! Talk is cheap.... KJ thinks everybody is like him meh.... no need to work and got plenty money.. wife also no need to work and can stay home and make some more babies.... Cheh! Nonsense!

If he has to work a day of decent work, I want to see if he will sing the same tune. Yes la, parents must take their responsibility seriously la... that is without doubt but no need him to say la....

Talk nonsense!

wits0 said...

While technically what Khairy said may be true for some cases where some people are functioning like mindless baby factories without any thoughts about the expenses involved, he is in no moral high ground to pass blanket judgement like he has.

How long before he comes up with, "Why don't they eat cakes?"

wits0 said...

Ah Lek tells the people to be faithful to their spouse. But he didn't practice that.

Why did he tell people to be faithful? Was it to just to help prevent HIV or was it because he too understood that it's unethical to have extra-marrital affairs? Then he turned around and called people "holier than thou". Did he expect to be able to stay on?

What a bunch of hypocrites for governance! I've never once say "yes" to BN.

Eway said...

5 KIDs!? If you can't afford it don't do it! That is why people in the developed world have declining birth rates (one of the many, many reasons). But Khairy's statement is as irrelevant as usual. I thought he was muzzled but now he is back, sillier as usual.

Anonymous said...'s pathetic isn't it.

well, go read thru those relevant comments in MT, u'll even get nauseauce.

random sex = non islam
disapproval of random sex = threatening non muslim right

bunch of "holier than thou" who talks abt united msian n country wellbeing on 1 hand, and condemn the practice of BASIC moral values (least mention islamic moral) on the other

Angry Taxpayer said...

The issue is not about whether one can afford to have kids or not.
Its about .... "Who the heck does that Free-Loader-Monkey think he is!!!"
Before even thinking about being qualified to give out stupid sounding advice to the Malaysian Taxpayers, GO GET A JOB FIRST!
And with Jed's major ass kissing comment above, this just goes to prove that anyone or anything associated with BN have the natural ability to kiss asses.

wits0 said...

Angry Taxpayer, Jed has a tendency to present radical views which you may not agree. I don't either but it also depends on how one reads them.

Fundamentally, having more children than a couple can afford is like a sin. It is a form of mindless material desire that engenders financial difficulties or at least demands which many people are ill-equipped to handle. Many people with just a couple of kids are already treading a dangerous path financially unless they are really loaded. Having 5 is definitely irresponsible for them. Little tears to spare for such.

Children are liabilities in a non agrarian and non agrcultural society. Futhermore the matter of how they'll turn out, whether well-behaved, a success or as a wayward failure is an uncertain thing, even if the parents are financially capable.

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure, it means that the Govt. pgm for creches is an absolute failure and now they are finding excuses.

Crankshaft said...

Gone are the days when you went forth and multiplied.