Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Lulu Hates It When The MCA fellas Grovel And Make Such A Big Deal Over Meagre Allocations To The Chinese Schools

dont you hate it when these running dogs make it like it's the best-est, kindest, benovelent-est and generous-est act of the government to allocate them a paltry sum of money?

Just look at them

The Star calls it "a substantial amount", not daring to state exactly how much.

For crying out loud, it's only RM10million. Malaysiakini mentioned it.
“Coming to the end of 2007, we have an RM10 million ‘ang pow’ to celebrate the new year. This is good news for the Chinese community,” he proclaimed before giving the cheques out.
The sleeping PM gave RM22 million to his high school which did not even manage to teach him well enough to pass his statistic paper.
What is RM10million when it is distributed to 57 schools?

Schools in a normal decent government should not have to grovel for money like that. Schools and education should be the responsibility of the government. School principals and the board of governers should not be fretting over how to pay their bills, how to meet the expenses but to take care of the education of those under their charge.
It's not just the national type schools which are affected. Lulu came from a missionary school which only receives partial aid [but plentiful interference] from the government.

1. something is wrong with our Education Ministry
2. MCA fellas should retain their dignity and not act like kiss-asses having received scraps from a wealthy man.
Neither of them are news to anyone, but it totally disgusts Lulu whenever it happens.


Anonymous said...

I almost puked...

Anonymous said...

This OKT bummie does not know how to count. He thinks the 10 million given by the govt has 10 zeroes in it--- RM10,000,000,000 i.e. 10 billion ringgit. That's why he's so happy

Anonymous said...

The amount is chicken feet,but what the heck just take the money rather than being taken by the corrupted people.By the way,"wang bagi kita angkat..tapi undi kasi parti pembankang" as what PKR chief mentioned last time in Icuk

Anonymous said...

Firstly, rm10 million is nothing compared to what govt is spending on national schools and Islamic schools.
Secondly, if govt is really sincere, why only give this rm10 million when general election is around the corner? This just proves that this is just an election ploy to sway chinese votes to BN. Dont be fooled by BN.
My vote goes to.... Opposition (DAP, PAS, PKR as long as not BN)

Anonymous said...

Knick-knack paddywhack
give your dog a bone
This old man came rolling home

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Just as half a loaf is better than no bread, something is better than nothing. Use the RM10m wisely and properly. If there's a genuine need for more, ask for it professionally and speedily through established and other available channels. "Ask and it shall be given..."

Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Tue. 1st Jan. 2008.

walski69 said...

Dear Lulu - a very Happy New Year to you and your readers!

You know, I woke up this morning feeling very dizzy... no, it wasn't because I over-indulged myself last nite (it was fun, but not that fun)...

Nope, it's because the intense media SPIN had already begun... The Star (and not just the article you mentioned), NaSTy Pee... so dizzy, that I had to start another poll at myAsylum (or alternatively, go here)... I really wanted to know what are the 3 top things we want, as Malaysians, to happen in 2008.

But one thing for sure tho... with the spin already beginning, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if the GE isn't too far off...

PEACE! And a very Happy 2008 to all...

Anonymous said...

the 3 top things we don't want as Malaysians, but bound to happen in 2008---
i) to fooled again by the sleeping ceo for the 5th year running
ii) to see the coming GE returning the corrupt coalition to power
iii) to sigh on 31.12.2008 that 2009 would hopefully turn out to be better

Sharing said...

Lulu mirror on the spot!!

Those lulus thought they can lulu with figures and fairness not be tracked!
They forget Lulu can track:
RM23.5 million for one HSBM
but 2.1 million for 96 Chinese Schools, an average of 22k each!

"Ang Pow" from those lulus:
1. 20 million for X schools
2. a) 6.02 million for 32 schools
b) upto a total of 10 million for 57 schools

a)average 188,125 per school of the 32
b) average 159,200 to each of the balanced 25.

Has MCA or OKT ever asked:
1. Why HSBM can get 10 times than a total of 96 Chinese Schools?
2. Even it could has improved, still 57 Chinese Schools cannot be better than one HSBM?

Have you worked fairly for Chinese Schools?
Or, UNMO had been fair to MCA or other BN?
Why funding should come from PM Department and not Education Ministry?
If you cannot work even fairly for the Chinese, then, can you work for the others too? 

Don't challenge the wisdom of People if MCA has none!!
Should Chinese take MCA if they cannot reflect any wisdom of Chinese?
Or, any People to take MCA if only for Chinese they pretended to work but not even a fair deal be reached?

For 2008, take Lulu mirror to kick other lulus out of the track!
So Lulu and we can relax!!

Or, Lulu, did you sell the patent of Lulu mirror to BN
so they thought others do not has one?

wits0 said...

Absolutely disgusting tokenism!

Anonymous said...

So, you all know what to do at the next GE?

Anonymous said...

thats what lapdos do, aint it? scraps will do and they can front page themselves as saviour of their community.
after that, another billion dollar scandalous project aka Port Klang Free Trade Zone sanctioned by MCA. Together they will loot the rakyat blind behind the battle cry " Another Rakyat Project by BN".
Ready to puke now?