Sunday, January 06, 2008

Lulu Does Not Doubt Najib On This (2)

“Say, if Petronas makes RM70bil or RM80bil (and) they want to channel it for fuel subsidy. Then where will the government obtain funds for building roads, hospitals and other amenities?” Najib said at the Tuaran Tamu Besar and Cultural Carnival here yesterday.
The Star - Najib: Opposition would bankrupt the country over fuel subsidy

We can sustain our oil production until 2011 if no new oilfields are found.
also Najib in that same speech

Lulu's turn to "say"
Say, if our oil well runs dry, where are we going to find the money to build roads, hospitals and other amenities?

When the PM took over office in Oct03, the price of oil was about touching 40usd. It is believed that the PM inherited a "poor nation" as most of its coffers were emptied out by the cronies of the outgoing PM.
Hence the "cancel wasteful projects" and the austerity drive.

But since then, the price of oil has more than doubled. Price of oil touched the 100usd level this week,
the PM and his cronies see a lot of opportunities.
Hence the many corridors which, as Lulu has said, leads to u-know-where. There goes the "no wasteful projects". Bye-bye to austerity drives. Lets all [as us our exclusive gang, not all Malaysians] go for prosperity drives.

The question still remains,
Say, if our oil well runs dry, where are we going to find the money to build roads, hospitals and other amenities?

They only have to look at Cyberjaya to see that the "build first, the investors will come" "hope" does not work.
Look at Bangalore. They got the people right first. There was demand for their skill set, and development naturally followed.
Why won't the government get their act correct, invest in their people and give quality education to the next generation? That we raise up workers with genuine qualifications instead of graduates with just a piece of paper but no quality?


Anonymous said...

Lulu: If our oil well runs dry, where are we going to find the money to build roads, hospitals and other amenities?

Dolah: Very easylah. We just implement the Value-Added Tax system and money will start pouring non-stop into our coffers

Shaing said...

The dream of 4years had totally crushed!
With oil and higher margin still in the run
and the country is still poorly and badly done!
What has UNMO done!
And, what can UNMO do without the oil run?

Corridors with a dream of 12 years to be run by a group which failed for the last 4 years?
It's really a joke!!

What contribution from the Government will come?
Who will come?
Are those the white gloves that BN used now and then?

How many dreams had we realized up to now?
Had BN cleaned up the mess of FTZ and the rest?
BN, your backyard is full of garbages, and rejects!
How much do you think you can get from these scraps!
Or, how many write off it will take?

Najib, a responsible government should be showing to the Rakyats the whole book of account and not a spot with magnifying glass!!

Anonymous said...

who cares,lulu. no build no pocket money lor.
mahatir wanted to extend his double tracking farewell cake for rm8 billion. no, no clean Badawi said coz its low priority. hello, 4 years later, its now priority so say the same PM but it now cost 12.5 billion, a whopping increase of more than 50% within 4 years or average of 12.5% a year.
next comes the corridors which are nothing more than rebadge of mahatir's ideas.
IDR? it was a flop then under the same UEM during mahatir's time.
Eastern corridor and Northern corridor. In summation, over 300 billion development?
no wonder, this is a sure way of going bankrupt. ot the oil subsidies.

Anonymous said...

my one cent comment.

everytime build only but whether the project serves its purpose is not important. What is important is the project which can channel out money to the cronies.

Haha. Who cares whether investors come? After 50 years, how many project actually makes it?