Sunday, January 06, 2008

Lulu Does Not Doubt Najib On This (1)

“Say, if Petronas makes RM70bil or RM80bil (and) they want to channel it for fuel subsidy. Then where will the government obtain funds for building roads, hospitals and other amenities?” Najib said at the Tuaran Tamu Besar and Cultural Carnival here yesterday.
The Star - Najib: Opposition would bankrupt the country over fuel subsidy

What Najib didn't tell the people of Sabah was that the roads, hospitals and other amenities are going their direction but to the corridors in the Peninsula - the Iskandar Development Region covering southern Johor, the East Coast Economic Region (ECER) and the Northern Corridor Economic Region covering Perlis, Kedah, Penang and northern Perak.

We don't know if all/any of these corridors will lead to development and the betterment of Malaysians, but we rest assure that they all lead to the UMNO connected contractors.

Common people like us would have to continue to plead for hospitals and other amenities. Every 4,5 years, we get lucky and have some things approved.
btw, roads are given in the Klang Valley cos the government sells them to toll concessionaires.


Sharing said...

What shouldn't gone had gone - the oil income from the past!
What should come did not come - the right use of income from all the paths!

Can Najib or UNMO tell how much income from oil the Government has in the past?
and where have they gone?
Any cent into the pocket of the Rakyats but to contractors of BN
and still concessionaires to drip the last drop from the Rakyats?
How come Toll, Toll, Toll, everywhere in Selangor and not in other States?

Where are these account?
Or Najib shut off your Big mouth!!

The Oil will dry up but the Account of BN had dried up all the resource from Nature and those with sweat and blood!

How much Petronas had drilled up to today?
How many tax had not been paid and escaped?
Najib talked to MHT and come back!
UNMO sponsored a Astronaut for what?
How much go to inflation in the name of GOD?

BN had blinded the Rakyats without transparency of account
but Rakyats are eye-opened in the heart and soul!!

Even assessments to MPPJ, MPSJ and others go fussy,
BN administration already goes bankruptcy!!
MOF is surely part of the conspiracy, now and the past!!
Had you press MOF for the 20 unaccounted Corporations?

Do you work and speak up
otherwise, get lost!

blastmeister said...


If the opposition can bankrupt the country over the fuel subsidy, BN is currently bankrupting the whole country, entirely - ranging from fuel subsidy and ,income from taxes, etc

BN had reign enough and the head is very much bigger than the hat