Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lulu Didn't Know There Were FIVE Other Children

Lulu thought there was Nurin who was tortured till she died, and another two girls who were abducted and molested in the Kampung Baru area in separate incidents.
Meaning two little girls who went through hell and are still alive.

In the latest breakthrough in the Nurin case, police arrested a man on Saturday night in connection with the Nurin Jazlin Jazimin’s murder case.
Lulu was watching the news on all channels, and to her horror, learnt that 5 victims - 5 little girls who were also abducted and molested were taken to the suspected crime site.

5 little girls.
That nasty man inflicted unbearable, unthinkable horrible pain on 5 little girls.
When did this happen?
Before Nurin?
After Nurin?
At a time where the police force was sent to breakdown peaceful demonstrations and marches in KL?
Lulu doesnt get it, and Lulu's angry!
Why couldnt they have stationed more policemen in the Kg Baru area?
Why couldnt they have stationed more policemen in the Kg Medan area?
What the police did in the Bersih rally, the Hindraf rally and Bar Council freedom do showed us that there is a lot, a lot of policemen around whom you can deploy at the click of your finger.

These little girls could have kept the innocense of this cruel world we live in. They would not have had to go through the trauma.
why-o-why are our police being used as political tools?


denzook said...

the police will say it is all hindraf and bersih fault. If weren't for them, the police could allocate more resources to hunt the pedo down. ye, it must be bersih and hindraf fault...... so next time don organize anymore rallies....

denzook said...

btw, aab made personal plea to the pedo to return the child...... seems that our igp and his cohort (without datuk wan) are at lost that need aab to give "amnesty" to the pedo, i think. ..

i guess when the pedo read this, his conscience will taking over, i sincerely hope so ....

Anonymous said...

where got time? where got time?

time for what? you ask him lor, lulu.

Angry Taxpayer said...

After so many cases of kidnapping and rape, one would have thought that the police force would wise up and pay more attention to the areas particulary prone to such crimes...but noooooooooooo.
So many victims already and yet there were hardly any police presence when little Ninie was kidnapped.
And these are the very group of people who could mobilise thousands of personnel to disperse peacefull rallies.