Sunday, January 06, 2008

Lulu Wonders Why The Star Is Being Such A Meanie to Gu Gu

haiyo... how could the Star do this to him?
how could they belittle him and call him Gu Gu over the national newspaper?
do they think so little of him?
bad enough if they do it behind his back, but on national press???
were they belittling him?
or do they see Mr Gu in a Gu-Gu like situation with his carer-mentor ala Return of the Condor Heroes?


Howsy said...


Maybe the paper and the party are obsessed with Gu Gu after the tape expose!

Thanks Lulu, you've just made my day!

mob1900 said...

'Belittling' him is a nice touch, well, he could always 'look up' to The-Former MOH for the extra Boost in length..errr I meant life!

Small Gu-Gu better than none unlike some of his party-leaders. ;)

Sharing said...


It seems that you are infected by the Symptom of "God & Allah"!
GuGu isn't monopoly by the one in the "Gondor Heroes"!
When that one was to show the Charm of Gugu to Young YangGuo
"Gu Gu" is words of appreciation on attraction to Youth, I suppose!

Why Star took a survey of 50 to induce a point of lacking interest by the Youth?
And, not a figure from the EC should be worried by most!!
An indication of no increase of Voters?
Or, should only Youth be worried?

If so, it could induced that People have no confidence on GE and that being the worst!!
No necessary only the Youth!

The illogic is EC is not giving the figures and to draw something from 50!!

If Youth have not been given any political position, such as in school, will Youth be interested in the politics!
If politics failed the adults, will adults promote politics!!

Scratching the itch and not the pains!
Is MCA trying to provoke more voters?

If Voters are conscious, most if not all, BN will be out!!
Only to survey 50 for Youth's attitude around this time of the year!!
Who had been cool to election today?

profesional blog reader said...

maybe that's what he is being called?? anyone watched the show??

luckily reporters are serious lot. else some pranksters can just add a jiao at the end of the name.-_-"