Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Let Lulu Try To Explain To This Anak Jati Lenggong, Perak

[ who, somehow, in spite of being MCA chief, is not able to/dare not run in his home state.]

Disputing DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng’s statement yesterday that Umno was the opposition party’s main enemy in the next general election, Ong said it was illogical for the DAP to ask all Chinese voters to vote for the party just to fight Umno.
"The fact is, DAP only contests in MCA-contested seats," Ong said today.
the sun -
MCA joins Gerakan to say a vote for DAP not a vote against Umno

Actually-la, a vote for MCA/Gerakan/MIC or any other BN coalition member IS a vote for UMNO. Cos they are

think about it. What do you get when you go into partnerships with UMNO?

Closed door meetings like these

after a nasty keris waving incident of which the keris waver is unrepentant.

remember power sharing in Sabah?
today, do you still see it shared between UMNO, PBS and SUPP?
Which greedy bugger is holding on to the throne, refusing to give it up? Lulu thinks it's the same newcomer who came into the state in 1991, and instituted it in 1994 to appease the locals who objected to their entry.
huh! never accept candy from strangers. You never know what it's laced with.

what about voting per your conscience/speaking your mind. Anyone remembers what happened to Loh Seng Kok MP for Kelana Jaya when he spoke up on the distorted text in our children's history books?
50 Umno Youth members, led by Kelana Jaya division chief Abdul Halim Samad, paid Sdr Loh a visit with the letter and was told that Umno Youth would “take action” if he failed to respond to the letter within several days.They had apparently held a meeting to discuss the speech and concluded that Loh’s proposal had hurt the feelings of Malay Malaysians, who make up the majority of voters in the parliamentary constituency of the same name.
Word is, you won't be seeing Loh's name on the ballot paper come the next General Elections.

Once again, Lulu's telling you, the BN component members are nothing better than what is depicted in MOBs poster. And Lulu thinks OKT knows that too. He would, cos he's the chief MaChAi.


wits0 said...

MCA and other component parties are warming up their usual barfs to serve through the most slavish media. GE is thus 100% confirmed as being near.

Anonymous said...

And why has this Anak Jati Lenggong, Perak abandoned his home state to contest in a safe seat in Johor, hundreds of kilometers from home?

Nik said...

Is plain simple, come next GE , vote for any party but Barang Naik gang.

myop101 said...

honestly, i find my family's golden retriever more honourable than these canine wannabes.

Pearls said...

Aiyah... so much problems, no need to vote only la!!

Vote for BN is like saying they have done a good job, which is nothing near acceptable. Infact it is damn lousy and bad. For the life of me, I cannot understand how did we, Malaysians, end up with a bunch of clowns as cabinet ministers and duno what else. Stupid never mind, stupid but want to try and be clever and worse still is... want to try and cheat people like you and me!!! Makes me feel like taking my worn out slippers and whack these buggers on their head!! sigh.. roll eyes and all...

Vote for Oppositions, is like placing your life in their hands.. You don't know for sure if these buggers can actually do the job. All these talks are sure impressive but than again, talk is cheap. Talking and actually doing or getting it done accordingly is 2separate thing... like heaven and hell you know!

Another, opposition is afterall another political party and what did Mama say about trusting anything to do with politics? NEVER TRUST politicians!

Anonymous said...

OKTing as usual is talking through his ass...typical no-brain guy who manipulated to the top MCA bigwig post. Yes, a vote for BN is a vote to UMNO who is calling the shots while other component hide under the sarong. OKTing claims he is representing Chinese but stands in a non-Chinese majority seat. Until he has the balls to do so, why listen to him.